Jio Rockers: Your Next Destination for New Releases

Jio Rockers

Remember the days when you would miss so many episodes of your favorite television shows just because you had some other work to attend to? What about the times when you would have to wait months after a movie have been released to catch it on your television? Well, those times are long gone. You can now watch all of these kinds of content on your laptop or phone from your house itself. Torrent sites are what come to your aid in such cases now. They are a very convenient way to pass your time watching your desired movies and television shows in your own time. Jio rockers are just another example of such a site. 

There, is, however, one major drawback with these kinds of torrent sites. They provide you with free movies, sure! But there is still a cost to pay. The site is an unlawful one. It practices online piracy as it uses original content without the permission of the content creator. But we have something that could fill up the space of Jio rockers quite efficiently. 

What is Jio Rockers?


There are now various sites all over the Internet which provide free movies and web series as well as television shows for you to watch. Jio rockers are one of such sites. It gives you free access to various kinds of movies to watch in your free time. The best part of Jio rockers is that it is very easy to handle. You would not need any special knowledge regarding the Internet or the technology behind it to access the contents of the site. 

Even though the site predominantly focuses on movies about South Indian languages such as Telugu and Tamil, it still has a small collection of movies from across the globe. The fact that it is illegal in our country is the only bummer in this situation. But do not worry. As you read on you will get a well-researched set of similar torrent sites which are as good as or maybe even better than the Jio rockers. 

Features of Jio rockers

Anything negative has a certain charm to it which makes it tempting. In this case, the charm of such torrent websites including Jio rockers is that it has some of the best features that a site must have to gain a larger audience. What are these features? Let’s take a look at them.

  • The site lets you stream movies online as well as download them to watch later. If you go for the latter option you can also enjoy your favorite movies offline.
  • Jio lockers are available to be run on your desktop as well as on your phones. This guarantee is a higher level of convenience while using the site.
  • It does not take up a lot of your CPU speed. 
  • The interface that the site uses is quite simple for anyone to handle. The tougher part is to find its current working website but once you reach the site it’s smooth sailing from thereon. 
  • The site is quite well maintained and has quite good video qualities for the movies that are there on the site.
  • The movies are categorized in terms of the years they were released in. This helps in ways you might not have anticipated.
  • There is quite a lot of information provided alongside the movie on the downloading page. You can read them through to decide whether or not that is the movie that you want to watch or not. 

Categories of movies on Jio rockers

The following are the categories of movies that you can find on the site in context. 

  1. Telugu Dubbed Movies
  2. Telugu Movies Download
  3. Tamil Movies Download
  4. Kannada Movies Download

One would notice that the choice of languages is quite limited here. However, the varieties of genres that the site’s movie collection pertains to are quite diverse. Moreover, there are also a bunch of movies available on the site that is dubbed in other languages. Still, if you want a site that would provide you with many more options you could choose one from the list of legal alternatives that we suggest just a few scrolls down. 

Steps to watching movies on Jio rockers

When we say it is super easy to watch movies on Jio rockers. We mean it. Follow these simple easy steps and start watching your favourite movies and shows now!

  1. What you would require first is VPN software installed on your device. This will help you to create a fake location on The Internet. 
  2. After you have installed the software now you have to choose An IP address that belongs to a location where the site is in use legally. You can look up the places where this site can be accessed lawfully.
  3. Once you are all set with the IP address you can now search for the link to the website. Be careful regarding which link you click on as the domain address of the site keeps changing.
  4. Once you reach the site you will find yourself on the homepage of it. 
  5. On the homepage, you can either search for the movie that you want to watch by its name on the search bar, or you can ask for a much more compact list of movies to choose from by choosing the category of movie that you would like to watch. Either way, it would be quite easy to provide the simple interface of Jio rockers. 
  6. Select the movie that you want to watch and you will be provided with two options. You can either stream the movie online or can download it to watch it offline later.
  7. Choose the option that lets you stream the movie online and that is all of your work done! 

13 legal alternatives to Jio rockers

Breaking the rules may sound quite tempting. But then again such acts come with various kinds of side effects. So if you are one of those people who like to play it safe and keep their names off the criminal list, then here are some sites that you can watch movies and other content on. 

1. YouTube

This platform is a vault for different kinds of content that you can stream on the Internet. It has everything that a person could ever demand starting from song videos to short films to films that transcends the concept of time and place. The best thing about the site is that you can also upload your content after you create a channel of yourself on the platform.

2. Kanopy

This site consists of a well-researched list of movies. This website claims to have consulted various libraries and universities regarding the collection of movies that it must have to benefit the most number of people. It has everything starting from documentaries to firms that will help you lift your mood.

3. Plex

This site lets you make a library of your own that will consist of movies and other kinds of shows that you liked to watch. You can either use this platform without a subscription or you can also subscribe to it to get access to a larger collection of movies and television shows. Plex also performs amazingly well in aspects of its video qualities and interface.

4. Crackle

This site has a collection of top-notch movies of all time and genres. You can be sure to find a movie that has been released recently on Crackle within days after. Any cinephile would know the ecstasy of using the site due to its amazing services starting from the diverse library of movies to the resolutions that they are available in.

5. Sony Liv

This has a restricted reach when compared to many other movie streaming sites. It consists predominantly of shows and films that are on the Sony channels. However, even in its limitedness, it has quite a variety of content to offer. It is also quite popular amongst its users because of its smooth running services. 

6. ZMovies

This site too can provide you with different kinds of movies. The site specialises in providing kinds of movies but does have a bunch of television shows that you can choose to watch as well. You can bid goodbye to the days of missing out on your favourite television shows to attend to chores. 

7. Internet Archive

The name is a perfect description of the site itself. The site is indeed an archive of brilliant movies and any and many other kinds of entertainment resources. The services they provide are free but at the same time legal. The Internet archive will surely have the kind of movies that you would need. 

8. IMDb Freedive

This is a comparatively newer site. But it has surely made its mark in the market. It consists of a vivid and vibrant collection of movies and is quite easy to browse through. A good thing about the site being comparatively new is that it faces lesser traffic. So you can access the site without much delay almost always. 

9. PopCornFlix

The plus point of IMDb Freedive is negative for PopCornFlix. The site is one of the most popular ones and hence faces a load of traffic. It makes accessing the site a bit difficult in some cases. But what it lacks there it makes up for in the service it provides to its users once they are inside the site. Starting from the movie and shows collection to the video qualities of them, there is little that someone could complain about PopCornFlix. 

10. Retrovision 

If you are a fan of the old movies then this is just the site you would run your fingers down. The old classics indeed are much more meaningful than the new films coming up. The only drawback is that they are a bit slow. However, you cannot say that for the site itself. It is anything but slow. It can provide you with the best service and a golden collection of movies from the golden era of cinema. 

11. Downloadhub

Downloadhub is a perfect destination for movie lovers. They can find every kind of content, starting from movies, web series to documentaries, short films, tv shows, award functions, trailers, etc. for free streaming and downloading. What is interesting about this site is that the contents are available in various formats, allowing people to stream and download in their preferred formats. Not only that, but the contents are also from various genres and languages. All the latest south Indian, Hindi, and English dubbed movies can be found here. The user-friendly interface of this site has made browsing through it easier, another reason why people prefer this site so much. 

12. Vimeo

This platform is very much similar to YouTube.  It was introduced before YouTube was launched. Just like the latter, Vimeo is a video-sharing platform. It allows users to promote independent content and gives them global exposure. No matter it’s a film or music or educational video, you can post it on Vimeo. For stand-up comedians, filmmakers, musicians, and budding content creators, this is an amazing platform. People can stream any content on Vimeo for free. Furthermore, the platform also allows people to comment, like, and share any video they like. Most contents are available in HD quality, which highly enhances people’s video streaming experience. 

13. Film Chest

This website uploads old films and music. It offers an extremely user-friendly interface, allowing easy accessibility and a smooth browsing experience. The site hosts movies in different languages and from different genres. Usually, one can find the classic retro movies of the 1940s and 50s. Such a rare collection is hard to be found anywhere else nowadays. If you still love to watch the evergreen classics, this site is for you. Not only can you find domestic films, but also international ones are available for free streaming and downloading. The downloading process is easy. The best part is the site doesn’t take much time for complete downloading of its contents. 

14. Sun NXT

Sun NXT is an extremely popular movie streaming platform especially for South Indian people because it hosts the largest collection of regional movies. You can find movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and the Kannada language. The latest blockbusters are uploaded within a few days of their release. Even old blockbuster movies can also be found. To ensure that people from other cultures can stream content, movies are dubbed in different languages too! Like all other movie streaming platforms, Sun NXT categorizes its content into groups. If you are a fan of South Indian movies, there’s no better site for you than Sun NXT.


Jio rockers have been declared illegal by the Indian Government and we hereby want to make it clear that we in no way encourage or support acts of online piracy or any acts of plagiarism. The information provided here regarding torrent sites and especially Jio rockers is for the readers’ enhancement of knowledge about the topic. Plagiarism is an activity that is morally wrong as well. We believe in paying to do remuneration and appreciation to the original content creator and hence strongly condemn acts of piracy as committed by torrent sites such as Jio rockers. 


Will I be arrested for using Jio rockers?

By a recent order passed by the Indian government, it is now illegal too stream any movies on any torrent sites. If and when a person is caught using a torrent site such as Jio rockers itself they can be punished in the name of the law.

Are the alternatives provided in the list all legal?

Yes, all the alternatives that have been listed above are legal. However, most of their services remain free for the use of their users.

Do Jio rockers have only Tamil movies on it?

The site is specialised in its list of South Indian movies including Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. It does contain some movies that are dubbed in other languages as well. 

Do any of the alternatives provided use subscription fees?

Most of the alternatives that are listed above can be accessed free of cost. Some of them however do charge a subscription fee but it is optional. 

Are the alternatives safe?

Yes, all of the alternatives are quite safe and secure to the best of our knowledge. They are not illegal and can be accessed without restriction.


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