Is Roblox Shutting Down in 2024: Rumors or Reality?


It was a nightmare for gaming fans worldwide when an article (now deleted) by React2424 was published mentioning that Roblox would be shutting down in 2022. Rumors have it that Roblox would shut down soon. Now, is it true or not? Let’s find out in this article.

The idea of duo David Baszucki and Erik Cassel; Roblox was introduced to the world in the year 2006. Launched as a gaming platform, one of its kind where a user can program a game and other gamers can access it. They used the coding language Lua and it helped users to create various games of different styles.

What is the reality about ROBLOX shutting down?

There have been some unique rumors revealing the reason Why Roblox might be shutting down? Several rumors such as the company do not have any capital to invest in servers, things like overpopulation, etc. Some threads over Reddit and Quora filled with RIP Roblox comments.

It was originally begun from the React2424 website. Basically, this website is famous for hoaxes and pranks. It allows users to prank their friends. Some random guy on the internet posted a piece of news that “Roblox is shutting down.” Many internet readers usually don’t read the entire article; that is how rumors begin. Instead of reading the whole article till the bottom of the page, users noticed the headline and believed it was real.

Every user-generated content on the React2424 website suggests a disclaimer, which says, “this website is for entertainment purpose, and any user can create the articles. These are jokes and fictional; it should not be taken seriously or as a source of information.”

In this digital era, rumors are pretty common and spread like fire. This year Roblox is targeted, but 2022 is a glorious year for Roblox. The company is coming with numerous new features and updates. Along with that, an extensive range of gamers has been added. The year is going enormous for them then how can they shut it? So, the news is absolutely fake! It is clearly a rumor and nothing else.

With that, even Roblox tweeted and confirmed that they are not going anywhere soon. The tweet stated, “Don’t believe everything y’all read on the internet.”


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Is the rumor true or false?

The answer to this question came immediately from the gaming company itself. The official twitter account of Roblox tweeted with an update verifying that this news is just a rumor and Roblox is not shutting down anytime soon. They also requested their fans and users not to pay attention to any such fanciful rumors with minor details or coming through unknown and random sources.

Why can’t Roblox shut down anytime soon?

It is clear that Roblox can’t shut down in the near future for sure. The site has a huge fan following with a solid user base. They have record-breaking gamers and fans both and also pay to developers. The reasons for not closing Roblox are pretty obvious. Roblox, this gaming platform is not small. It has massive monthly users and currently, it holds around 150 million active users. Can you believe it?! It is a profitable platform for developers, and these millions of users produce significant revenue for them. If we talk about last year’s revenue, they made around 770 million euros.

So there are no possibilities that such a successful gaming platform that generates good revenue and people are loving it will shut down so soon. In fact, they are trying to grow more and grab market attention for new users every day. Roblox has been and will remain serving its users with its super functions and time-worthy gameplay.

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Roblox 2021 Update

In late November and early December, Roblox updated many new features and added new programs. One of these programs is Roblox China, along with the community guidelines are updated. Last year Roblox was hacked by someone who ruined the game’s security systems. Later the gaming community found the bug and resolved it, so it cannot be hacked again with the same loophole and assured users that they would anticipate such wrong future events. Roblox also updated its internal process and roadmap to go further.

Final Words

Roblox is an excellent platform to share your creative gaming ideas at the front of the world. They provide various options such as designing your own game and let others enjoy your imaginative side by playing the game. This website has received enormous appreciation since its launch year. So, the final answer to the question “Is Roblox shutting down?” is an absolute NO. We might see more progress in the future.

Now, relax and sit back to continue playing your favorite game on Roblox or create one if you want to.

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