Is Jojo Siwa Pregnant? Breaking Down the TikTok Rumors

Is Jojo Siwa Pregnant? Breaking Down the TikTok Rumors

Jojo Siwa is a social media phenomenon in the present day and it’s not for reasons that you think. However, while the singer and dancer generally make the rounds in the media for her vibrant personality, things are a little different this time around.

In one of her recent social media posts, Jojo Siwa announced that she was pregnant, leaving her fans in a state of utter shock. Before this, Jojo came out as gay/queer/pansexual via a Twitter post, leaving the entire world shocked.

The “pregnancy announcement” left her fans and the people acquainted with her name a little perplexed because no one knew how things would have transpired. Given that Jojo has expressed in the past that she has always wanted to be a mother, the news also came as a pleasant surprise for some fans.

However, while everyone was busy contemplating what was happening, it was later revealed that all of it was nothing but a lie, which led to a fit of rage against Jojo Siwa from her audience. More on that will be discussed at length in this article.

Where did it All Start?

If you are a frequent and avid Tiktok user, you likely know about the “Jojo Siwa pregnancy announcement” trend that made the rounds a few days back.

However, the start of the rumor didn’t take off on Tiktok. Instead, things started on Snapchat and her fans took the same to Tiktok and made the news go viral.

So, what exactly happened?

A few days ago, Jojo took to her Snapchat account to post two snaps while out and about shopping for baby clothes. In the first Snap, she posted a photo of herself with her hoodie pulled up, exposing her belly and with her hands on top of her belly with the caption, “Can’t believe it.”

She posted another Snap with a selfie of hers and a caption of “Team Boy or Team Girl.” With the sudden trajectory of these Snaps, it led to the fans speculating that Jojo was most likely pregnant and posts were made that made the news go viral and trending on Tiktok.

While her fans and the rest of the world were busily viralizing the content about Jojo posting about her “pregnancy”, it was all a lie. Jojo was trolling with those Snaps and later clarified that none of those hold any truth to them.

Since the major virality of the “pregnancy announcement” happened on Tiktok, Jojo took to her Tiktok account, stitched an existing video with the pregnancy rumors and her Snapchat, and reacted to it, clarifying that the conversation is fake.

It is safe to say that the whole situation was a big old prank, something that is very characteristic of Jojo Siwa, to begin with.

Why did Jojo Siwa Post the ‘Belly’ Shot?

Even after Jojo confirmed that there is no truth to the pregnancy rumors, the “bare belly” Snapchat has left the audience perplexed as to why Jojo would suddenly post something like that.

To that, several users commented that it was a way of showcasing Jojo’s post-meal bloating. Jojo followed that Snap with a normal snap where her stomach is back to the normal size, with no bloating in sight.

This further confirmed that the first bare belly image was nothing but a prank and the dancer is, in fact, not pregnant. 

Does Jojo Siwa Have any Children?

With the number of kids that Jojo is often surrounded with, it isn’t surprising that many people have this query in their minds.

Jojo Siwa doesn’t have a kid. Not only has she confirmed the same, Jojo even recently took to her social media platforms to clarify that she is not pregnant and all of that was nothing but a harmless prank.

Ever since Jojo has come out, she has been spotted with a few of her partners and she has been quite open about her relationships. Besides that, Jojo hasn’t reportedly dated any “men” to be pregnant accidentally, so that’s another factor ruled out.

Also, the “Boomerang” singer hasn’t expressed any desire of adopting or birthing a child through IVF or other procedures at this point. So, looks like parenthood and motherhood are out of the question right now.

Jojo is also currently single. Her last relationship was with Kylie Prew and she has also dated popular Tiktok star Avrey Cyrus.


Jojo Siwa is not pregnant. The rumors that were spread out quite fast on platforms like Tiktok and Facebook were entirely baseless and didn’t have any truth to them. She has confirmed that she isn’t pregnant and the fact that the “bare belly” snap was just a way to depict a “food baby.” This prank did disappoint a handful of her fans while some have expressed that the prank was pretty tasteless and unnecessary.