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Lani Rails

Lani Rails is a famous American actress and Instagram model that is known for her alluring and attractive physical appearance and her personality. Besides being a famous face in the acting scene, Lani has acquired the majority of her fame through social media channels.

Through her Instagram, Lani poses her revealing, sensuous static images in bikinis and swim suits, and amazing dresses, which she flaunts in her pictures.

This article will further unveil more about Lani Rails, her age, and all you need to know about her rise to fame.

Lani Rails Biography/Wiki

Lani Rails was born on September 07, 1988, in the United States. That’s the extent of information that’s available on the internet about her early life.

Following the sudden rise to fame, Lani has kept information about her parents and early life away from the media’s clutches. She prefers shielding her family from the media spotlight. Besides that, there aren’t any reports regarding Lani’s formal education too. 

But, with the way she carries herself, it is safe to assume that she has completed her education at an esteemed institution.

Lani Rails Age

Lani was born on September 07, 1988, which makes her 34 years old, as of now. This is as of 2023.

Lani Rails Height and Weight

Lani has a very sleek and slender physique and according to reports, her height is 5 feet and 6 inches and she weighs around 50 kg.

Lani Rails Modelling Career

Before finding fame on social media channels, Lani engaged in different modeling projects and established her career in the niche. During her peak modeling days, she worked with some of the most popular brands.

During the initial days of her modeling career, Lani worked with brands with the hopes to be able to understand the ropes and build her portfolio.

Later, she ventured into the adult entertainment industry. She build good connections through her acting career and ventured into the adult industry using those contacts. She gained a good amount of fame and financial stability in the adult entertainment industry.

Some of her modeling prowess is published in leading publications like Rolling Stones and Complex. Besides the adult entertainment industry, Lani also made a switch to the standard entertainment industry and acquired a few supporting roles.

Lani Rails Adult Entertainment Industry Career

Following her success in the modeling industry, Lani found the footing she needed to explore new career opportunities. That’s when she decided to switch to the adult entertainment industry. Her debut clip was released in 2011.

Throughout her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, Lani has performed in various niches, including hardcore, different scenarios, same-sex couples, etc. Reportedly, her alluring personality and her energetic performance secured her a dedicated fanbase unlike anything else.

Not only has she left an imprint in the industry, but her talent has also been recognized with multiple awards, including the AVN Female Performer of the Year. She has won other awards too. What’s great is the fact that Lani has performed with some of the most popular adult entertainers.

Lani Rails Net Worth

With her popularity across the adult industry and the kind of movies that she has done and published; it isn’t farfetched to estimate that Lani Rails has a net worth of $3-$4 million. 

The majority of her income comes from her adult entertainment movies. Besides that, she has also earned a steady income through the various modeling gigs that she takes part in. According to rumors, Lani also engages in multiple entrepreneurial ventures, which brings her a steady income too.

There isn’t much information about these ventures since she likes to keep them private and work in the back end. Lani has also worked with multiple magazines for photoshoots. Also, she has worked with leading brands on her social media platforms, further escalating her income.

Lani Rails Boyfriend

Despite the kind of fame, she has gained with her career, there isn’t any information available about Lani Rail’s public dating life. Current reports suggest that she is single and isn’t dating anyone. There is also no past information regarding the relationships she was in.

Interesting Facts about Lani Rails

  • Lani Rails started her career in the adult entertainment industry in 2011.
  • She is a huge fan of traveling and has traveled to several countries outside the U.S.
  • Lani has a huge interest in pets and likes to surround herself with animals
  • Some of Lani’s favorite cuisines include Chinese, Indian, and even Italian.


1. Is Lani Rails married?

Available public information suggests that Lani is single and not married. However, we’d never know if she was married since she keeps that information out of the public eye.

2. Where is Lani Rails from?

Lani Rails is from the United States. The exact state or town of her birth and where she spent her childhood aren’t known.

3. What is Lani Rails’ birth date?

Lani Rails was born on September 07, 1988, which makes her 34 years old as of 2023.