One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 – What Is the Potential Release Date?

One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 – What Is the Potential Release Date?

As much as we love watching high school drama shows, we can’t push aside the fact that they come with a lot of twists and turns that are most unexpected. But what if we told you that there is a popular drama that blends in the two most popular web series genres – high school drama and thriller?

One of Us is Lying is the perfect series to watch if you want something light-hearted but equally engaging at the same time. The first season of the show was released in 2021 and since then, it has managed to create a buzz among the audience.

One Of Us Is Lying Season 3

Following two successful seasons, the audience is now awaiting the release of Season 3 of the show. More on that will be discussed in this article.

When is One of Us Lying Season 3 Releasing?

One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 Release Date

The second season of One of Us is Lying just ended, which is one of the main reasons why the show hasn’t been renewed for a new season yet.

However, some viewers are worried about whether or not Netflix will renew the series for a new season shortly. There is lingering evidence and cast testimonies that indicate that Season 3 is happening somewhere in the future.

But the question right now is, “When?” If you have watched the second season, you probably know by now that the season ended very abruptly, leaving the audience to believe that Season 3 is most likely underway.

Not just that, Erica Saleh, the show’s creator has hinted in one of the interviews that they want to venture into the dark side of Bayview, which is another reason why people believe that a new season will come sometime soon.

What is the Expected Plot of One of Us is Lying Season 3?

One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 Plot

If you have yet to watch Seasons 1 and 2 of One of Us is Lying, we’d recommend that you avoid this section altogether since we will venture into some spoilers here.

Since the show hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet, there’s no way to speculate what the plot would look like. That said, we have some insights to share.

The second season started with Simon’s death and while that came as a shock in itself, the season further unpacked a lot of things in the later episodes of the show. We also got a glimpse into the characters of people present in the Murder Club.

The characters of Jake and Fiona left the audience with a lot of questions too. As we neared the end of Season 2, we witnessed the potential death of Fiona, leaving the audience to unpack a lot. Now, coming to the third season, what can we expect?

The most expected route would be following Fiona’s death and unfolding who was behind it. There will be a police investigation underway and we might uncover a lot of sinister truths in the upcoming season.

Who will be cast in One of Us is Lying Season 3?

One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 Cast

If things go as it looks, we can hope pretty much the entire cast of One of Us is Lying in Season 2 to make a comeback in Season 3 as well.

Besides the original cast, we can also expect an influx of new characters as we do in all the new seasons. Here’s a potential cast list we can expect:

  • Marianly Tejada
  • Cooper van Grootel
  • Annalisa Cochrane
  • Chibuikem Uche
  • Melissa Collazo
  • Sara Thompson
  • Jessica McLeod
  • Joe Witkowski

Besides these eight main characters, we might notice a few new characters making their way in the third season of the show.

Is there a Trailer of One of Us Is Lying Season 3?

Since One of Us is Lying hasn’t been renewed for the third season yet, there is no trailer yet. As disappointing as it sounds, we don’t have any information as to when the trailer will be released in the future.

That said, the show already has two seasons out. So, while you are waiting for the new season, we’d recommend you catch up on the first two seasons and see how things unfold. 

Where can I watch One of Us Is Lying Season 3?

One of Us Is Lying is available on Netflix. We are talking about the first two seasons. Since it’s available for streaming on the said platform, we can expect that the third season (when it’s released) will be available on Netflix as well.


One of Us Is Lying is a pretty great high school drama with an unusual storyline. If you are someone that’s intrigued by murder mysteries but also wants the fun element that comes with high school dramas, we’d recommend giving this a watch. The third season is yet to be renewed but we are hopeful that it will be done soon in the future.