Insatiable Season 3: What are the Latest Updates?

Insatiable Season 3: What are the Latest Updates?

If you are an avid Netflix and chill kind of person, chances are that you have watched Insatiable. The show, which is available on Netflix, has completed the first two seasons. However, ever since the release of the first season, the show hasn’t gained much positive response yet.

The show contained a lot of negative elements and triggers, which didn’t sit right with the audience. So, it isn’t surprising that there is a question about whether or not Insatiable will be renewed for Season 3 or not.

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Insatiable Season 3

This article will explore everything that we know so far about Insatiable Season 3. 

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What is the plot of Insatiable Season 3?

What is the plot of Insatiable Season 3?

Insatiable follows the life of Patty Bladell, a teenager, who is bullied and fat-shamed by her peers at school. Tired of the constant taunting, Patty suddenly ends up losing a lot of weight following an accident.

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With the drastic change in her appearance, Patty forces herself to live on a liquid diet and later goes on to seek revenge from every person who bullied her at school.

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The second season was nothing but an extrapolation of the events that happened in the first season. Most critics reported that the storyline could trigger eating disorders in people. Furthermore, the reviews also suggest that the show highlighted the objectification of the woman’s body.

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When is Insatiable Season 3 Releasing?

When is Insatiable Season 3 Releasing?

The barrage of negative reviews that the show has received until now, it has led to the show not yet receiving a renewal for Season 3.

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Whether or not that changes in the future and the show ends up getting a third season is something we’d have to wait for.

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Who is cast in Insatiable Season 3?

Who is cast in Insatiable Season 3?

Since Insatiable hasn’t been confirmed for a Season 3 yet, there are no reports or confirmation about the cast yet.

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However, if it does come back for Season 3, Arden Myrin, Dallas Roberts, Christopher Gorham, Sarah Colonna, Kimmy Shields, and Irene Choi are some names that will most definitely make a comeback in the upcoming season.

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If you are one of the few people that liked Insatiable and have been waiting for its renewal for Season 3, we hate to disappoint but there are no reports surrounding the same yet. If something changes in the future, the same will be updated here in this article. So, we’d recommend that you save this article for future reference.

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