Design Star Next Gen Season 2 – What Does the Next Round of Design Battles Have in Store

Design Star Next Gen Season 2

Get ready for another season of high-stakes design challenges and captivating transformations! Design Star: Next Gen is returning for a second season, bringing together eight talented aspiring designers to compete for the ultimate prize: their own HGTV show and $50,000.

Before you do get excited, let us reel back a little. The first season was a massive success, no doubt. But you have to keep in consideration that the second season will be no different. However, the only question that lingers is, “When is it returning?”

To give you all the details, we will explore everything that you need to know about Design Star Next Gen Season 2 and its eventual release.

When is Design Star Next Gen Season 2 Releasing?

Often, hosting and producing reality television series takes time. So, given that the show’s first season premiered in 2021 and it has been around 3 years since then, the wait can feel like it’s being stretched out consistently. 

HGTV is quite prompt with their show renewals and releases, so for them to make the audience wait for a new season of Design Star doesn’t make sense at this point. However, we have to keep in mind that the first season was well-received by the audience.

It garnered significant views and it brought together a lot of positive aspects about the show. So, for HGTV to cancel the show out of the blue without any warning doesn’t make much sense. 

What can we expect from Design Star Next Gen Season 2?

Buckle up, because things are about to get even more exciting! The core format remains the same, with eight talented designer-renovators competing in a series of weekly challenges. Each episode will push their creativity and resourcefulness to the limit, as they tackle diverse design tasks in a custom-built “Design Hub.” 

Expect to see even more innovative challenges that test their ability to adapt to different styles, budgets, and spaces. Think transforming unconventional locations, incorporating sustainable design elements, and creating spaces that cater to specific needs and personalities. 

The competition will undoubtedly be fierce, with designers facing elimination every week. The pressure will be on not only to impress the judges with their design vision but also to showcase their ability to manage tight deadlines, navigate unexpected obstacles, and collaborate effectively.

There is a lot that could unfold in the second season, which means that we’d have to wait for an official announcement from their end to see how things unfold along the way. The wait will be worth it if the second season is any good as the first one.

Who is returning to Design Star Next Gen Season 2?

Reality shows are extremely finicky with their cast, especially with the main cast. So, while the contestants will be new, we can hope that the show will likely return with the hosts and mentors from the past season, including:

  • Allison Holker Boss
  • Jonathan Adler
  • Lauren Makk


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