Hellbound Season 2 – Will There Be a Second Season?


The chilling South Korean horror drama “Hellbound” pulled viewers worldwide with its exploration of faith, violence, and the terrifying prospect of a supernatural decree condemning people to hell.

After a cliffhanger ending in season one, fans eagerly await the next chapter. The majority of the fans are waiting for a new season to explore more depths of horror and are awaiting more news on what’s next in line.

If you are curious to unfold details about Hellbound Season 2 and its release date, we have all the details lined up.

When is Hellbound Season 2 Releasing?

We still don’t have an official release date from Netflix yet. However, production for season two began in March 2023. Considering the complex nature of the show, filming and post-production could take several months. 

Speculation suggests a potential late 2024 or early 2025 release window. However, to keep the anticipation high, Netflix Korea released a short video on their YouTube channel in June 2023 confirming production is underway. You can find the video by searching for “Hellbound | Season 2 Now in Production | Netflix” [YouTube].

At this point, it looks like the wait for the sequel of the show will be significantly longer than what we anticipated in the beginning. The positive thing is that we have the assurance that the new season is coming sometime in the future.

What can we expect from Hellbound Season 2?

Season one left us with several unresolved mysteries. The resurrection of Jung Jin-soo, the leader of the religious group Saejinrihwe, challenged the established order. Park Jung-ja, condemned to hell, remained pregnant, raising questions about the fate of her child. Meanwhile, the vigilante group The Arrowheads continued their violent crusade against those condemned.

Season two is expected to explore the ramifications of these events. The webtoon, upon which “Hellbound” is based, introduces a mysterious group called Sodo that opposes Saejinrihwe. Season two might delve into their motives and challenge the dominance of the established religion.

The origin and purpose of the supernatural decrees condemning people to hell remain a mystery. Season two could delve deeper into the supernatural forces at play, potentially offering a glimpse into the true nature of hell.

With Jung Jin-soo resurrected, a power struggle between him and Chairman Jung of Saejinrihwe seems inevitable. This conflict could reshape the religious landscape and potentially lead to a new wave of violence in the second season.

The fate of Park Jung-ja and her unborn child remains a significant question. Will the child be condemned too? This storyline could explore themes of free will, destiny, and the power of motherhood.

Lawyer Min Hye-Jin, who challenged the authority of Saejinrihwe in season one, is likely to continue her fight for justice. She might ally with Sodo or find a new way to expose the truth behind the decrees.

Who is returning in Hellbound Season 2?

Pretty much all the main cast that appeared in the first season will return in the second one as well. This is expected to include:

  • Kim Hyun-Joo as Min Hye-Jin
  • Kim Shin-rok as Park Jung-ja
  • Yang Ik-June as Chairman Jung of Saejinrihwe
  • Lee Dong-hee as Bae Young-Jae
  • Lee Re as Jin Kyung-hoon