Ball In The Family Season 7 – Is Facebook Renewing the Show?

Ball In The Family Season 7

The Ball family is known for their larger-than-life personalities and unwavering dedication to basketball. To be able to watch a show that’s exclusively available on Facebook seemed too good to be true but the show became a quick hit.

Their reality show, “Ball in the Family,” captured the hearts of many with its blend of family drama, athletic aspirations, and hilarious moments. But, the question is, “Has Facebook/Meta renewed the show or plan to in the future?”

We will answer all your questions about Ball in the Family Season 7 and its eventual release down the line.

When is Ball in the Family Season 7 Releasing?

For those that aren’t aware, Ball in the Family is a Facebook Watch original series, which has run for six successful seasons.

Even though the show is a huge hit, Meta announced last April that they don’t plan on renewing the show anytime in the future. This did come as a surprise to the fans, who were looking forward to the show’s renewal and release of Season 7.

With that said, we don’t know if a different network will pick up the show following Meta dropping it. If that happens and if the show is currently in production, like the rumors suggest, there are high chances that we’d be able to witness an eventual release either in 2025 or later.

The sixth season was released in 2020 and since then, we have not heard anything about the show, which is kind of indicative of a potential cancellation for good but we will see what the future holds.

What can we expect from Ball in the Family Season 7?

With the looming possibility of a cancellation, there are no insights as to what Season 7 could have in store. However, based on the past seasons, there are a few plotlines we could speculate, including:

  • With Lonzo Ball now playing professionally in Lithuania, the show could delve into his experiences abroad and the adjustments he faces.
  • LaMelo Ball, the youngest brother, is entering his fourth season in the NBA with the Charlotte Hornets. Cameras could capture his growth on and off the court, showcasing his unique playing style and personality.
  • LiAngelo Ball, the middle brother, continues his professional career, potentially offering glimpses into his aspirations and challenges.
  • The show has always highlighted the Ball family’s unique dynamic. Viewers can expect to see their interactions evolve as the brothers navigate their paths while staying connected as a family.
  • LaVar Ball, the family patriarch known for his outspoken personality and brand-building efforts, will likely remain a central figure. It will be interesting to see how his influence shapes the lives of his sons and the family business.

Who is returning on Ball in the Family Season 7?

Well, given the show being centered on the Ball family, it is safe to assume that they would be returning if Season 7 happened. It would include:

  • LaVar Ball 
  • Tina Ball
  • Lonzo Ball 
  • LiAngelo Ball 
  • LaMelo Ball


What is the release date for Ball in the Family season 7?

As of now, we don’t have a confirmed release date for Ball in the Family season 7. However, given Meta’s decision not to renew the show, fans may need to wait until 2025 or later for a potential release if another network picks it up.

What can we expect from Ball in the Family season 7?

If season 7 is made, it is likely to explore Lonzo Ball’s experiences playing professionally in Lithuania.

Is Ball in the Family season 7 cancelled?

The show is stuck at a point where it is neither cancelled nor renewed. The lack of updates since the release of season 6 in 2020 suggests that the show might get cancelled.


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