The Gulf Season 3 – Is A New Season on The Cards?

The Gulf Season 3

New Zealand’s gritty crime drama “The Gulf” has captivated audiences with its atmospheric island setting, intricate mysteries, and complex characters. After a gripping second season, fans are left wondering: will the tides turn for a third season?

There is no official news about the show’s renewal or eventual return, which has left a lot of fans worried about a potential cancellation.

Don’t worry though because we have managed to find all the relevant information about The Gulf Season 3 and the details about its release.

When is The Gulf Season 3 Releasing?

Do we have a date for the official release yet? It doesn’t look like it. Also, keep in mind that producing a new season of a show takes time and with the second season wrapping up in 2021, it hasn’t been as long.

Due to the two-year difference and wait, some of the fans have even concluded that the show is probably going to be shelved. However, none of that seems to be the case. So, all we are doing at this point is reaching conclusions without any confirmation.

We have to keep in mind that the first two seasons of the show were a hit and garnered decent viewership. So, there’s no reason why we have to worry about the show’s future episodes. There are chances that things will be restored eventually and along the way. It is all a waiting game at this point.

What can we expect in The Gulf Season 3?

If you have watched the first two seasons of the show, you are most likely aware of how the show progresses. You also likely know how impromptu and unexpected the plotline is.

While we don’t have a solid confirmation about what the third season has in store, the following are a few speculations:

  • Detective Jess Savage, haunted by her husband’s death and struggling with the dark secrets of Waiheke Island, could finally confront her demons. Unraveling the web of lies surrounding her husband’s demise could be a central arc, leading to explosive revelations and a reckoning for past misdeeds.
  • The island’s fragile ecosystem and the growing tension between locals and developers could ignite a new conflict. Jess, torn between her loyalty to the community and her duty as a detective, would navigate a complex web of environmental and social issues.
  • The arrival of fresh characters could introduce new dynamics and intrigue as well. It would be interesting to see how things take shape down the road.

Who will return on The Gulf Season 3?

Now that you have a bit of an idea about The Gulf Season 3 and everything related to the show’s eventual release in the future, being curious about the show’s cast makes sense.

Are you worried that your favorite cast members won’t return? Well, if the show were to happen, it will return with:

  • Kate Elliot as Dss Jess Savage
  • Ido Drent as Ds Justin Harding
  • Timmie Cameron as Ruby Savage
  • Dahnu Graham as AJ Jackson
  • Jeffrey Thomas as Doug Bennington
  • Mark Mitchinson as Di Ivan Petrie
  • Bede Skinner as Alex Parsons
  • Alison Bruce as Sen Sgt Denise Abernethy.


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