The Beginning After the End Anime – Is It Happening?

The Beginning After the End Anime – Is It Happening?

There are several Japanese manga that have been adapted into anime series and the audience is now awaiting more information about the status of “The Beginning After the End” in anime format. The manga acquired a steady fanbase of its own, bringing interested readers from across the world.

The action-fantasy manga is undoubtedly one of the best manga novels to date and takes the route of fantasy manga to an entirely new level. What’s great in the show is how well the characters have developed from the start till the end.

The Beginning After the End Anime

This article will explore everything that you potentially need to know about “The Beginning after the End” Anime and its potential release.

What is the Status of the Anime Adaptation?

The Beginning After the End Anime Release Date

If you are a manga lover, chances are that you know how popular the novel is among the readers. However, despite its growing popularity, the novel hasn’t managed to secure an anime adaptation status yet. 

Will it happen sometime in the future? The question remains. The primary creators of the manga are reportedly not in talks with anyone about turning it into an anime series. And, any rumor that has started surrounding it is just that – a rumor.

Current reports suggest that the audience will now have to wait for a good amount of time to be able to watch the manga in the adapted anime format. But, what’s great is that if the manga gets a green signal for the anime adaptation, there are high chance that it will have multiple seasons since the manga has 325 chapters.

Since the manga is well received by the readers and people are genuinely excited about a potential release of the anime format, it’s a good thing that the wait won’t be as extensive in the future. All we hope at this point is that the fans will get to engage in something fun soon.

What would be the Plot of The Beginning after the End Anime?

The Beginning after the End Anime Plot

The Beginning after the End is currently only available in the manga format, which means that its anime adaptation will be fairly different than you think.

But, since the anime will be 100% inspired by the manga, getting a glimpse into the manga’s plot should give you an overview of what you can expect from it in the future.

The manga follows the life of Arthur Leywin, who has lost both his parents at a fairly early age and has come to the knowledge that he is the “chosen one” for protecting the precious artifact present in the land of Arthur.

Arthur develops a plan to take down Zephyr, who is an evil person and the sorcerer. He sets out on a journey to put his plan into action and in the meantime, he is focused on gathering more people to be on his team and is consistently brushing his magical skills.

However, as he sets out on this adventure, Arthur unfolds a series of secrets and hidden truths that makes him understand the true meaning of power. Throughout the story, we walk through a series of acts that depict bravery, adventure, and overcoming challenges along the way.

Who would be cast in The Beginning After the End Anime?

The Beginning After the End Anime Cast

There are no reports about the manga’s anime status, which means that there is no way to confirm who would be portraying the characters in the show. We’d have to wait for the anime to be confirmed before we can confirm who the cast would be in the show.

We are pretty sure that it’s a long process until we reach that part of the show, we save this webpage for future reference.

Is there a Trailer for The Beginning after the End Anime?

No, since The Beginning after the End manga hasn’t been confirmed yet, there are no trailers in sight. There won’t be any until the creators secure a deal and an anime adaptation of the show is confirmed from their end.

Currently, we are waiting for official information from the creators of the manga and the networks to confirm the future status of the anime adaptation.

Where can I watch The Beginning After the End Anime?

The anime adaptation of the manga hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, which means that it’s a matter of when at this point. 

However, since most of the anime shows are confirmed to be released on Crunchyroll, there are chances that this one will be available on the same platform as well.


The Beginning after the End is a manga that everyone is currently raving about. If you have been meaning to watch the show, we’d recommend that you keep an eye out on our website for further information. With the push that the manga is receiving for an anime adaptation, it won’t be long until we received a green signal for the same. So, it’s all about a little wait.