Graham Stephan Net Worth 2024: How Much Did He Earn From Real Estate?

Graham Stephan Net Worth

Not everyone has the talent and luck to become a millionaire in their 20s. You need to be extra smart and hardworking to achieve that kind of success at such a young age. This brings us to the story of Graham Stephan who got his real estate license after his 18th birthday.

Graham Stephan is a well-established real estate agent and YouTuber. He has amassed a massive following on his YouTube channel. He posts videos about savings, financial independence, and more.

If you are intrigued to know about Graham Stephan and how he became a millionaire, then you should give this post a read.

Quick Facts

Full NameGraham Stephan
Birth Date1st January 1990
Country of OriginUSA
ProfessionReal Estate Agent and YouTuber
Marital StatusUnmarried
Parent’s NameDavid Stephan (F) Marie (M)
GirlfriendMacy Savannah
Social Media Accounts:YouTube
Net Worth (as of 2024)$23 million
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2024

Early Life and Education

Graham Stephan was born on 1st January 1990 in Santa Monica, California. He hated studies and was always interested in making money. He got his first job at the age of 13, at a marine aquarium wholesaler. He was responsible for clicking and editing photographs of the inventories.

He earned around $35-50 dollars an hour. As a result, he skipped school to click photographs. No wonder, his grades went down badly.

However, he was not bothered about school or studies. His focus was to make more money. Right from the beginning, he dreamt of becoming a millionaire. It is interesting to see that he fulfilled his dream.

Personal Life

There’s nothing much known about Graham Stephan’s personal life. However, we do know that he is in a relationship with Savannah Smiles.

They post vlogs together on YouTube and Instagram.


Before entering the real estate business, he used to be a member of a music band. He wanted to become a drummer which is why he joined the band in the first place. As you would have guessed, things didn’t work out the way he wanted.

After failing as a drummer, he decided to apply for a real estate license. This was the beginning of his multi-millionaire dollar career. Despite all the negative advice, he continued with his real estate dream.

In the beginning, he was not earning any money. However, things changed for the better in 2008. He struck a good deal and earned around $35,000. Ten months later he sold a $6 million house to a couple. Thereafter, he sold many properties and earned a good amount of money.

YouTube Channel

After tasting success in the real estate field, Graham opened a YouTube channel. From having zero followers he went to having thousands of followers on his channel.

As per sources, he earns around $100,000 from YouTube ad revenue. He became a millionaire at the age of 26.

What is Graham Stephan’s net worth?

Graham Stephan’s net worth in 2024 is around $23 million. The majority of his wealth is generated from his real estate business. He also earns a sizeable portion from his YouTube channel.

With his passion for earning money, he turned himself into a millionaire by his mid-20s. He is living proof of dreams coming true.


1. How rich is Graham Stephan?

With the kind of position that Graham is in, it isn’t surprising that he has an estimated net worth of around $23 million. But reports suggest that he doesn’t overspend or lead a very lavish life.

2. How did Graham Stephan become rich?

Graham’s rise to fame is through his real estate license that he initially acquired; following which he started selling different properties in California.

3. Who is Graham Stephan’s wife?

Even Graham’s wife is a real estate agent and social media influencer. Her name is Savannah Smiles and she has an estimated net worth of around $7 million from her career.

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