Google Messages Set to Enhance Image-Sharing Interface with New Features

Google Messages Set to Enhance Image-Sharing Interface with New Features

According to a recent leak from a reliable source, Google Messages might be making major improvements to its image-sharing interface. The messaging platform, powered by RCS (Rich Communication Services), currently lacks the option to attach multiple images captured by the smartphone’s camera simultaneously, which is a frustrating thing for users.

The expected enhancements not only promise to introduce the long-awaited option for swiftly sending multiple images captured on the spot but also introduce a preview screen. These features are to provide users with added functionality and convenience.

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The new features were first spotted by a tipster within the latest beta version of the Google Messages app. As per the tipster, the updated app includes a new preview screen boasting two additional features while eliminating one existing feature.

It’s worth noting that the process for selecting and sending pre-existing images from folders or the gallery remains unchanged. These changes mainly focus on images captured within the app’s interface.

Google Messages offers users an in-app camera function, eliminating the need to exit the app to capture photos. Instead, users can access the gallery and camera by tapping on the dedicated icon next to the text input field during a conversation. This intuitive feature displays the most recent images on the device and provides options to navigate folders and access a compact camera interface.

While utilizing the mini camera interface, users can quickly capture photos, switch between rear and front, or start video recording. However, the compact window lacks expandable functionality. Upon capturing an image, users are directed to a preview screen offering options to download, edit, or attach the image. Selecting the attach option redirects users to the previous interface to capture additional images.

The current process for sending multiple images in Google Messages can be troublesome for some users. However, the leaked information suggests that the upcoming update will simplify this process by introducing an “Add more” button within the preview screen. Additionally, the “Attach” option is replaced with “Send,” enabling users to directly transmit the image. In addition to that, users can now add captions directly within the preview window. This feature is aimed at enhancing user engagement.

Overall, the leaked screenshots indicate the absence of the “Edit” icon, suggesting the removal of the editing tool, which allowed users to highlight aspects of the image. It appears that this feature may no longer be available once the updated version is rolled out globally to users.

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