Who Is Michael Tell? 13 Days Husband of Patty Duke

Who Is Michael Tell? 13 Days Husband of Patty Duke

We all know about Patty Duke, thanks to her rising fame in Hollywood. However, did you know that Patty Duke was married to someone for 13 days only? Well, now you know and his name was Michael Tell.

The couple got married in the 1970s and while their marriage made the headlines in general due to Patty’s popularity, what made things even worse was when the world came to know that Patty and Michael remained married for 13 days only.

This article will further look into everything that you need to know about Michael Tell, his life, and his marriage to his ex-wife Patty Duke.

Who is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell rose to fame as an American rock promoter initially. However, that wasn’t the end of things though since Michael later gained even more media coverage after he got married to famous actress, Patty Duke.

But it wasn’t just his marriage that made the rounds. It was their separation after two weeks of marriage that made people turn their heads to the side. 

Michael got shot to the tip of the fame out of nowhere, so when he separated from Patty, it wasn’t surprising that he deleted all of his traces from the media and went away from the limelight permanently.

What was so unique about Michael’s marriage to Patty Duke?

Patty Duke was one of the most popular American actresses during the 1970s. Owing to her attractive appearance, she managed to have a dedicated fanbase.

Michael Tell’s association with Patty Duke wasn’t for very long. The two didn’t even date for a long period before getting married. The two got married in 1970.

While there isn’t much information about their marriage, what we know is the fact that Patty married Michael in a state of manic and compulsion. So, when she returned to her senses, it made sense for her to separate from Michael.

Reports even suggested later that Patty was already pregnant when she tied the knot with Michael, which raised even more eyebrows. Despite everything, the couple decided to part ways 13 days after their marriage.

Was Patty Duke Only Married to Michael Tell?

Throughout her lifetime, Patty married four times. Her marriage to Michael Tell was her second marriage. Before that, Patty was married to Harry Falk in 1965. The two remained married for 13 years, following which they parted ways.

After being married to Michael, and divorcing 13 days later, Patty started dating John Astin and married in 1972. She remained married to John for 13 years.

Patty’s last marriage was to Michael Pearce. The two married in 1986 and remained married until 2016, which is the year Patty died. Her last marriage was the longest.

When did Patty Duke Die?

Following her separation from Michael Tell, we have not seen traces of the man anywhere. He managed to hide away from the public lifestyle that he was thrust into initially after his marriage to Patty.

Patty, after being married four times, died at the age of 69 in 2016. The initial news about Patty’s death was announced by her manager/agent, following which her son, Sean Astin released an official statement on behalf of their family.

Patty and Michael’s relationship and marriage is one of the most unconventional ones you will come across. Despite the cycle of 13 that seems to be quite common in Patty’s relationships and marriages, it looks like the American actress had a pretty fruitful life. Although we don’t have any idea about Michael Tell anymore, we hope he’s living his best life.