Facts about Playing Fantasy Cricket

Facts about Playing Fantasy Cricket

Online games is one of the biggest industries these days that has surpassed many billions of rupees or millions of dollars today. The industry is steadily growing with more and more people adding to the online gaming forum and increasing the share of the industry every single day. One of the biggest shares in the online gaming industry goes to the Fantasy sports category. Fantasy sports is one of the highest gaming preferences apart from warcraft simulation games. Most people these days are learning how to play cricket fantasy league which is a growing trend in India. Fantasy cricket is a part of Fantasy sports and is most popular in India. Other examples of fantasy sports include Baseball, Football, Golf, Basketball and Cricket which has been added to this list of late. Although new to the genre, Fantasy Cricket in India is already a million dollar industry with millions of people playing everyday.

Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy sports and Online Fantasy games has become an outlet for people who love sports in general and fantasise playing the games themselves. Fantasy games allow users to visualise an actual game by including make believe teams and scenarios using the holograms of actual sports persons. In this case, actual cricketers and their actual credentials in sports at that point of time. Fantasy sports similarly include the real life sportspersons and their Avatars for gaming and statistical reference. This allows fans to have an immersive and real life like gaming scenario with online fantasy sports.

Fantasy Cricket is a legal platform for online gamers to participate in cricket gaming with real life characters (sportspersons) and teams and play traditional cricket tournaments such as ODI (One Day International), Test Match and T20. Gamers can have a full spectrum experience of choosing teammates, players and forming teams in their own skill based manner to gain a competitive advantage against other players. Fantasy cricket allows users to have real life portfolios of sportspersons with their sports averages and current standing and use them as information to choose and cut loose sportspersons.

How to Play Cricket Fantasy League?

For those who are looking to learn fantasy cricket leagues of any kind, there are plenty of platforms online that enable online gamers to participate and play cricket with real time character avatars. Below are some of the steps to play online Cricket:

  • To play online Fantasy Cricket, one must choose a platform and sign up as a player. There are many good platforms but choose the one with the best reputation and brand Trust
  • Players can now start playing by picking up members for their team. Based on the game, a budget is allocated and the gamer can choose players in whichever combination one wants such as batters, bowlers, all-rounders or wicket keepers
  • Once the team is formed, the gamer can now use the team to enrol in daily games or major tournaments such as ODI and T20
  • The player can gather points by playing against other opponents and their teams and with each match, the scores can be accumulated to gain a competitive edge
  • Based on the scores and the level that the player raises to, cash prizes are assigned to the player. The player may rise up in the ranks as and when matches are won and the more leagues one participates in.