Portals To Hell Season 4 – When Is the Paranormal Reality Show Returning?


Rarely do you come across a good paranormal reality television series that’s gripping, exciting, and adventurous at the same time. With the kind of traction that Portals to Hell gained, it isn’t surprising that the show already has three successful seasons under its belt.

Now, the audience is awaiting the release of the fourth season. Featuring Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman, the show follows these two people visiting the paranormal and haunted places that supposedly have open gates to hell.

Portals To Hell Season 4

As terrifying as it sounds, the show picked up a lot of popularity among the audience ever since its first season, which aired in 2019. This article will explore more about Portals to Hell Season 4, its potential release date, and insights about the show’s comeback.

When is Portals to Hell Season 4 Releasing?

Portals to Hell Season 4 Release Date

Despite having three successful seasons since 2019, there is no further information available surrounding the release of Portals to Hello Season 4 yet.

The creators have yet to release information regarding the show’s renewal or even the confirmed release date. It aired on Discovery+ and even the network hasn’t shed any light on the release of the fourth season of the show yet.

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What is the Expected Plot of Portals to Hell Season 4?

Portals to Hell Season 4 Plot

For those who have yet to watch the show in the first place, Portals to Hell is a reality television show, which means that they don’t have a fictional plot that we can correlate with the last season.

However, with Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman exploring the paranormal world and exploring new haunted places, we can pretty much hope that they will continue doing so in the fourth season too. We might be acquainted with a few new haunted and paranormal spots around the world that we aren’t most likely aware of.

What’s great about Portals to Hell is the diversity of the spots that the hosts explore. This includes abandoned mansions, asylums, houses, etc. They explore the properties, call for any existing paranormal creatures or activity and record them to publish on the show.

When Season 4 of the show happens, we can pretty much expect that the show will follow a pretty similar pattern to the first three seasons where Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman explore different haunted spots around the area.

With Season 4, we can expect a list of new paranormal spots that Osbourne and Weidman explore and bring in front of their audience. What’s great is that the investigation isn’t simply about going in and out of the spot. Instead, you have the hosts narrate the history and story behind the place they are visiting, which makes the show even more engaging to watch.

So, until the showrunners and the network released an official date for the next season, we’d recommend you binge-watch the first three seasons in the meantime.

Who will be cast in Portals to Hell Season 4?

Portals to Hell Season 4 Cast

If you haven’t watched the first three seasons of Portals to Hell, you likely don’t know that the show has two main hosts – Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman. 

This has been constant throughout the first three seasons and we hope that the tradition will extrapolate to the fourth season too.

So, when it comes to discussing the cast of the show, we can hope that the two will make a comeback as the host alongside their supporting cast, which includes their investigation crew.

Is there a Trailer for Portals to Hell Season 4?

Since Discovery+ and the showrunners haven’t confirmed any information regarding the show’s release yet, there is no trailer yet.

However, with the kind of popularity the show has gained within the three years of its release, it is safe to assume it will make a comeback with a new season in the future. Until then, we’d have to make do with the first three seasons’ trailers.

What you can do in the meantime is binge-watch the episodes of the first three seasons until more inputs are released.

Where can I watch Portals to Hell Season 4?

Portals to Hell aired on Discovery+ in 2019. Since then, the show’s three seasons have aired on the said streaming platform.

So, when it comes to the release of Season 4, we can very well hope that it will release on Discovery+ as well. 


If you are into paranormal activities and investigation-related shows, Portals to Hell is hands down one of the most progressive shows out there. Following the release of the first three seasons, the audience is now anticipating more information regarding the fourth season. If you have been curious, we hope this article gives you all the information available out there.