Expedition X Season 7 – More Details About the Uncharted Mysteries

Expedition X Season 7

As the embers of season 6 flicker, fans of the thrilling paranormal investigation series, Expedition X, are already yearning for another delve into the unknown. While an official announcement from Discovery Channel regarding season 7 is yet to be made, whispers of adventure continue to pique the curiosity of viewers.

Like the past six seasons, Expedition X is one of those shows that is set to leave fans wondering what’s next. 

If you are in the same boat anticipating the release of Expedition X Season 7, this article will explore all the details.

When is Expedition X Season 7 Releasing?

Discovery Channel has yet to renew Expedition X for Season 7, which explains why some of the fans are still wondering what’s next in line.

When do you get to embark on a new journey and when do you get to explore the unexpected realms in the show? To be fair, not many fans are aware of the fact that Season 6 is still ongoing. The ninth episode of Season 6 is scheduled to air on February 07, 2024.

So, once Season 6 wraps up, we can expect more details about Season 7. Once the new episode is released, there are chances that Discovery Channel will renew the show for a new season. As for the release date, it will probably not be until 2025 or even later.

What can we expect from Expedition X Season 7?

Season 7 promises to push the boundaries of the unknown, taking the intrepid investigators to diverse locations brimming with chilling tales and enigmatic occurrences. We can anticipate:

  • From haunted hospitals to cursed battlefields, season 7 might delve into the dark underbelly of local folklore, separating fact from fiction through rigorous investigation.
  • The team could venture beyond familiar borders, tackling mysteries steeped in foreign cultures and ancient myths. Imagine them navigating the misty Scottish moors in search of elusive kelpies or braving the dense Amazonian rainforest in pursuit of legendary creatures.
  • Expect cutting-edge investigative tools and technologies to be employed, offering deeper insights into the phenomena encountered. Drones, thermal imaging, and electromagnetic field detectors might become integral companions on their expeditions.

Given how unique and unexpected each season is, expecting a set plot is pretty much impossible at this point. What we’d have to do is work around and analyze what’s good about the show. Before Season 7 is around and eventually released, the best thing you can potentially do is catch up on the first six seasons. It is going to be hectic, no doubt but there’s no reason why you have to go into the show blindly.

Who is returning to Expedition X Season 7?

What’s unique about Expedition X is the variance in the show. So, when it comes to the cast, you can remain hopeful that the main cast will make a comeback, including:

  • Josh Gates as Host
  • Phil Torres as Host
  • Jessica Chobot as Host
  • Brad Kuhlman
  • Casey Brumels
  • Josh Gates
  • Scott Hartford
  • Michael Gara


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