Black Ink Chicago Season 9 – What Drama Is in Store?

Black Ink Chicago Season 9

Get ready for more ink-fueled drama, personal journeys, and electrifying tattoo artistry as “Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns for its highly anticipated new season! Unlike the New York installment, which has nine seasons up and available for streaming, Black Ink Chicago has seven seasons under its belt at the moment.

Sources depict that the new season is expected to be bigger and bolder as we witness the crew navigate the ever-evolving Chicago tattoo scene. Expecting a Season 9 before we even have details about an eighth season is a stretch at this point.

To give you all the details about Black Ink Chicago Season 9 and its eventual release date, we have managed to find all the relevant information.

When is Black Ink Chicago Season 9 Releasing?

VH1 is the network that’s responsible for airing Black Ink Chicago. So, if you are wondering about the show’s future, you have to realize that it is highly dependent on when they end up renewing the show for a new season.

At this point, a potential return to the show doesn’t seem like a possibility, which has left a lot of the fans disappointed and upset. 

The seventh season wrapped up in 2022, so it has been around 1+ years since then. Although the duration hasn’t been long, we have to keep in mind that a lot can change down the line. So, when it comes to the return of Black Ink Chicago, a 2024 or 2025 release seems possible.

What can we expect from Black Ink Chicago Season 9?

At this point, everything about Black Ink Chicago Season 9 seems to be canon. If you are expecting details about the new season, we’d recommend that you pick up on the first seven seasons.

Following are a few things we can expect from the show:

  • Ryan Henry, the charismatic owner of 9Mag, continues to expand his empire, opening a new location and welcoming fresh talent to the team. This will undoubtedly lead to clashes and competition as established artists vie for recognition and newcomers fight to prove their worth.
  • Expect to see the cast delve deeper into their personal lives. From navigating relationships and family issues to pursuing individual dreams, the season promises intimate moments that will resonate with viewers.
  • The artistic prowess will be on full display as the crew participates in high-stakes tattoo competitions, pushing their skills to the limit and showcasing their unique styles.
  • The show has always highlighted the importance of community, and this season will be no different. Expect to see the crew giving back to their local community through various initiatives and events.

Who is returning to Black Ink Chicago Season 9?

If Black Ink Chicago is eventually renewed for a ninth season, we can expect the main cast and crew members to make a return on the show. Whether or not they will add new tattoo artists to the lineup will most likely remain a mystery at this point.

The expected cast in Season 9 would include:

  • Ryan Henry
  • Don Bishop
  • Phor
  • Kat Tat
  • Van Johnson
  • Charmaine Walker


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