Elon Musk’s Company X Set to Launch TV App To Rival YouTube

Elon Musk's Company X Set to Launch TV App To Rival YouTube

Tech mogul Elon Musk’s company, X, is gearing up to introduce a new television application, aiming to compete head-to-head with the popular video platform YouTube. X, under Musk’s ownership has been conducting extensive testing of lengthy video formats, laying the groundwork for the release of a specialized app tailored for smart TV viewers.

Initially targeting Tizen OS for Samsung TVs, and Fire OS for Amazon TVs, X plans to expand its reach to other prominent TV operating systems, such as Apple tvOS and Google TV OS, in the future.

As reported by Fortune, the anticipated X app for smart TVs is slated for release within a week. Musk himself affirmed the app’s layout and features resemble those of YouTube in response to a user’s inquiry on X.

X is focusing more on videos now and has cultivated strategic partnerships with famous people like Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson.

Musk plans to persuade people to watch long videos on a larger screen and is determined to compete with YouTube. He even mentioned that the new app looks heavily similar to YouTube’s TV app.

With YouTube reigning as one of the preferred platforms for free online video content consumption, Musk envisions X as a viable alternative for users. Musk highlighted the compatibility of X content with Apple AirPlay, enabling seamless viewing on larger TV screens via smart devices. The introduction of a dedicated TV app is expected to streamline the accessibility of X’s content offerings.

In addition to the TV app initiative, Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter, now known as X, has led to its transformation into what he dubs the “everything” app. He has overseen the integration of features facilitating video and audio calls within Twitter, alongside ongoing developments to enable monetary transactions within the platform.

Beyond its TV app venture, X boasts an array of distinctive features. Users can edit and compose lengthy posts, leverage the Grok AI model for content generation, and attain verification status through blue checkmarks. For a premium subscription, users can enjoy an ad-free experience, with a monthly fee of Rs 1,300 for computer sign-ups.

To elevate users’ experience, recently, X introduced a new feature called “Articles,” which lets users share all sorts of stuff like videos, pictures, text, and links. Additionally, it offers an array of formatting options, allowing users to customize their articles by changing the font styles.


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