Does Hinge Have Read Receipts? Everything You Need to Know

Does Hinge Have Read Receipts?

If you are getting into online dating, Hinge is probably one of the most popular apps to get into. Besides the standard dating features, people have also been curious about whether or not the platform has read receipts enabled. 

Since read receipts are an important factor in dating apps, it goes without saying that people are often worried if Hinge has that feature enabled or not. Instead of the read receipts feature, Hinge currently has “Your Turn” and “Last Active”, which have similar features.

We will highlight more about the Hinge’s read receipts feature and everything you need to know about making the most out of it.

Is the Read Receipts feature available on Hinge?

At present, Hinge doesn’t support the read receipts feature at the moment, which is fairly disappointing.

This means that if you are wondering if someone else would be able to see if you have read the messages, it won’t be possible. The only confirmation that you will receive from Hinge is when the message is delivered.

Also, in case any message hasn’t been active for 14 days, the chat is automatically archived, so if you haven’t conversed with someone for 14+ days, it will be archived immediately. 

In case you have sent someone a message and they haven’t replied to your message yet, Hinge has a “Your Turn” feature. If you want to see when the user was last active, there is a feature for that too.

What are some Alternative Features for Read Receipts on Hinge?

Since Read Receipts isn’t available on Hinge, people on the app often look for alternative features on the platform.

There are quite a few different features worth looking into. So, let us walk you through the same:

1. Your Turn feature

One of the most popular alternative features to read receipts on Hinge is their “your turn”. With this, the users can go ahead and ping the other user asking them to reply to a message you have sent.

Once you have matched with someone on Hinge, you can send them a greeting message. If they don’t reply to the message, the Your Turn feature can help you ping them to reply.

2. Last Active status

If you have matched with someone and you have also sent a message to them but you don’t want to sound too desperate, the “Last Active” status comes in handy during that case.

With this feature, you can check when the other user was last online. If the other person hasn’t been online in a long time, it would explain why they haven’t replied. If they have been active, you can go ahead and ping them again after some days.


Whether or not Hinge will bring the Read receipts feature in the future is something we won’t know for sure. But, at present, you won’t be able to know if someone has seen your message or not and vice versa. So, we’d recommend that you either go look for alternative features or download a different dating app.


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