Does The Weeknd Speak Spanish? All The Details

Does The Weeknd Speak Spanish - All The Details

Are you a fan of The Weeknd, aka, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye? If yes, you might be confused with the trending news headlines depicting that he can speak Spanish. With his Ethiopian roots and being raised in Canada, where did he learn to speak Spanish?

As a fan, it is quite common to be confused about the sudden onslaught of confusion. If you don’t want to read until the end, the answer is that The Weeknd can’t speak Spanish but is fluent in English and French.

More on Abel’s lingual abilities his heritage and his concerts will be discussed at length in this article.

What are The Weeknd’s Ethnic Roots?

If you are a fan of The Weeknd, you likely know that Abel was born in Toronto, Canada to Ethiopian immigrant parents, who came to Canada to secure their and their children’s future.

However, despite the kind of initial life that Abel had, reports suggest that his father abandoned their entire family when Abel was quite young. Abel was raised singlehandedly by his mother and his grandmother.

Despite being born and raised in Canada, Abel’s mother was adamant about ensuring that her son should never forget his roots and ethnicities, which explains why Abel is so attached to his Ethiopian roots.

Besides learning to speak English, Abel also learned to speak the native Ethiopian language, which is Amharic.

Can Abel Speak Spanish?

As we discussed, Abel can fluently speak English and Amharic, which is his native language. The rumors about his speaking Spanish came from the tabloids when he was dating Selena Gomez.

Most of the media and even the fans were convinced that Abel was in the process of learning Spanish because his girlfriend at the time was Selena Gomez.

However, with the couple eventually parting ways, even the rumor died down and since then we have not received any insights on whether or not The Weeknd can speak Spanish or not.

Has Abel Released Music in Spanish?

With the kind of fame and global recognition that The Weeknd has gained, it isn’t surprising that people are curious to know about the diversity in his discography. According to reports, the majority of the songs that he has released are in English.

He has released one song with French rapper Soolking on the song, “Dalida” but that’s the extent of a “different language” scene that Abel has dabbled into.

Furthermore, The Weeknd has collaborated with Spanish artists like J Balvin and Rosalia but he has not sung or released any songs in Spanish yet. Whether or not that changes in the future is something we’d have to look forward to.


According to the public information that we have now, Abel doesn’t know Spanish. He hasn’t publicly spoken any fluent Spanish and he hasn’t released any music in the said language. So, if you were wondering if he can, the answer right now is no. Whether or not that changes in the future remains a mystery at this point. We’d have to see how things unfold with him.


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