Did Jason Colacino Marry Katie Boyle?

Did Jason Colacino Marry Katie Boyle?

If are into dancing and love watching performances, you probably have heard about Mary Katie Boyle and Jason Colacino. They are famous West Coast Swing dancers and are exceptionally talented.

Besides their performance, people are also curious to know about their personal lives. One burning question is “Is Jason Colacino married to Katie Boyle?”

In this post, we will take a closer look into Katie and Jason’s life and also tell you if they are married or not.

About Jason Colacino

Jason Colacino was born on 20th August 1977, in San Leandro, California. He started taking dance lessons as a teenager. He is into country line dancing and a pro at ballet, salsa, and jazz. He also mastered the art of Argentine tango and ballroom dancing.

With his vast experience in different forms of dancing, he is now a West Coast Swing dancer. He gives dancing lessons and prepares students for various competitions. He also appeared as a judge in many dance programs in different countries.

Sadly, Jason passed away on 9th August 2009, due to cardiac arrest and pneumonia. He was only 31 years old at the time of his demise. Later, it was found out that he had an enlarged heart.

About Mary Katie Boyle

Marry Katie Boyle started her dancing training at a very young age. Like Jason, she is also a pro in various dancing styles, including classical ballet.

Katie is an exceptional dancer. She worked hard every day of her life to reach the position she has today. She learned choreography to take her dancing career to the next level. Undoubtedly, it proved to be a great decision for her career.

About Jason Colacino and Marry Katie Boyle Relationship Status

Marry Katie Boyle and Jason Colacino started dating each other in 2019. They first crossed paths through mutual friends and have been together since then. Both of them are professional dancers and make a great pair.

The duo frequently makes public appearances together, attending various events and enjoying vacations side by side. They are also spotted sporting matching jewelry, sparking speculation about their relationship. People are curious to know if the duo are married.

As far as their marital status is concerned, the couple has not confirmed anything yet. Despite this, some believe that the two have already married. The speculation started after they were spotted wearing matching bands on their ring fingers.

Additionally, Boyle has been photographed donning a white dress in recent images, which further fuelled the speculation about their wedding. As of now, it remains uncertain whether Katie Boyle and Jason Colacino have officially tied the knot.

While indicators are pointing toward a marriage, there’s no solid evidence to prove it. It looks like we have to wait till the couple declares their marriage on their own.

Final Words

It is not clear whether Jason Colacino and Mary Katie Boyle are married or not. However, it is confirmed that the two are committed which means they will tie the knot sometime in the future.


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