Can You Donate Plastic Hangers to Goodwill? All The Details

Can You Donate Plastic Hangers to Goodwill? All The Details

If you are minimalizing your life and want to get rid of the excess items that are acting as clutter, Goodwill is probably one of the best organizations that you can look into. Not only can you donate your clothes, but the charity organization also accepts knick-knack items too.

But we are particularly focused on finding out if Goodwill accepts plastic hangers or not. Since Goodwill has limited space in their inventory, it makes sense that it currently doesn’t have infinite space for you to donate every single item that comes to your mind.

In this guide, we will highlight all the relevant details that you need to know about donating plastic hangers to Goodwill and if it’s a possibility.

Does Goodwill Accept Plastic Hangers?

When you are emptying your closet to donate the clothes that you don’t wear, chances are that you will come across a fair share of plastic hangers.

They are integral to organizing your closet but does Goodwill accept them as donations? In most cases, the answer is no. Since the majority of the cloth hangers are made out of plastic or materials that are hard to recycle, you will find that charity organizations like Goodwill will not accept them as part of your donations.

Despite their initial goal, Goodwill is there to help you recycle your clothes and give them a new home. So, it makes sense that they tend to avoid accepting donation items that will not be picked up by people as thrift items.

Some of the Goodwill that do accept hangers will only accept a few different materials like plastic, wooden, or padded hangers that they can reuse to display the clothing on the racks. If you have wire, metal, or broken hangers, chances are that Goodwill won’t accept them.

What are some Alternatives to Donate Hanger?

So, now that you know that Goodwill doesn’t always accept hangers as part of the donation drive, what are some alternatives to consider?

To be fair, there aren’t specific organizations or thrift stores that we can think of at the top of our heads. What we’d recommend you do is walk to the nearest stores around you where they accept cloth donations and ask them for details related to the products they accept.

If they say that they accept hangers too, you are in luck and you can drop some of the hangers there at your feasibility.

Some platforms worth checking out are Craigslist, FreeCycle, etc. You can also talk to a local dry cleaner in your area and ask them if they would take your hangers. In most cases, they won’t deny the donation since it comes in handy for them.


Goodwill has strict policies for the items they accept to display in their stores. If you are confused about whether or not they accept hangers, the answer to that is no. They do accept some types of hangers but for the most part, they won’t take your hangers as part of your donation.


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