Cole DeBoer Asks For Advice From His Wife, Chelsea Houska For Fitness

Cole DeBoer Asks For Advice From His Wife

When Cole DeBoer started working out and eating healthy, he asked for tips from his better half, Chelsea Houska. The teen mom helped his husband to stay on the right track. We cannot deny that her tips were not working as the results are clearly showing. Cole shared a before and after picture where we can see his major transformation. The entire process was possible because of his wife who guided him throughout.

Cole himself has admitted that he couldn’t do it without Chelsea. He gives the entire credit for his transformation to his wife. He is happy to see himself healthy and in shape once again. 

We can see the major difference in Cole’s body as he looks much healthier today.

According to Cole getting in shape for him was not an easy task at all. However, he managed to pull it through with the help of his wife who has been an incredible support for him. It is with her help that he was able to complete the 75 hard challenge on 28th August.

The pictures uploaded by Cole pretty much reveals it all. However, if you are eager to know what his current weight is, then you should know that he lost about 15 pounds in the process. We believe that it is a great achievement for him as the result is great.

Cole is all about thanking his wife. He believes in giving credit to the right person who deserves it. although he is the one who worked hard, he doesn’t deserve all the compliments and praises. After all, it was possible only because of his wife, Chelsea who was consistent in her efforts to help her husband.

Cole says that with his healthy habits and the support of his wife, he can achieve the physique that he is flaunting today. In case, you haven’t seen his picture yet, it’s there on his Instagram account.

During his fitness journey, he asked his wife to help him out. She gave him a lot of tips that ultimately helped him to transform. Not just that, but Chelsea also made sure that Cole is following her advice and is on the right track.

In an interview with HollywoodLife, Cole said that he would like to give the credits to his wife who has put in a lot of effort into his transformation. She is the one who monitored her diet. She had him under control so that he would follow her.

We have to agree that both their joint efforts have borne sweet fruits. Cole seems to be happy with his new body. He lost around 15 pounds in just 75 days. His hard work has paid off and he has his wife to thank him for that.

He also said that with all the stuff going around, she still took out time for him. She used to look after the kids, while he would finish his workout in the evening. Overall, she has been a great support for Cole in his transformation journey.


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