Cazzie David Net Worth 2023 – Uncovering the Wealth of Larry David’s Daughter

Cazzie David Net Worth

Larry David is a name that doesn’t await anyone’s introduction. He is a famous American comedian, who is best known for his comedic timing and witty personality. And, it looks like Larry has kept his legacy going with his daughter, who is a famous American actress, Cazzie David.

Besides being known for her father, Cazzie has also made the rounds in the media for being Pete Davidson’s girlfriend for a while. Coming to her acting career, Cazzie has appeared in several movies and television shows, including an episode of Hannah Montana.

This article will further explore everything that you need to know about Cazzie David, her early life, her career, and her net worth.

Early Life

Cazzie David was born on May 10, 1994, in Boston, U.S. She is Larry David’s daughter, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. If you aren’t aware of who that is, he is one of the most iconic American comedians and the co-creator of Seinfeld.

Coming to her mother, her name is Laurie David, who is not only a renowned film producer but also an environmental activist. Cazzie grew up surrounded by her creative and famous parents and in a well-settled and high-class family, surrounded by all the luxury in the world.

Cazzie was raised alongside one of her younger sisters and the two of them developed an interest in acting from an early age. With the kind of passion she harbored, Cazzie graduated with a degree in film and television from the established Emerson College.

Although Cazzie grew up in a very stable household, things did become a little unstable when her parents decided to divorce and separate after 14 years of marriage. They initially got married a year after Cazzie was born. 

Personal Life

Cazzie made the rounds in the media in 2018 for dating Pete Davidson. Their relationship wasn’t long lived but the two did manage to gain a lot of media mention from that phase. Currently, Cazzie seems to be single since she hasn’t disclosed anything about her dating life.


While Cazzie has now established a dedicated fanbase to her name, things didn’t take off on the right foot right away. Despite having resourceful parents, Cazzie was adamant about making a career in the entertainment industry by herself.

Cazzie’s debut was in an episode in the famous television show, Hannah Montana. During that period, she was also in a relationship with Pete Davidson, which made the rounds on the internet.

Following the small appearance on the show, Cazzie later landed a role in the mini-series titled “Eighty Sixed”. In the series, she played the female protagonist, who starts to explore her life after being dumped.

Cazzie’s talent isn’t just in front of the camera. She is also known for her creative writing skills. She co-wrote the television show, “Half Empty,” along with Elisa Kalani. It wasn’t until the release of “Stealing Pulp Fiction” that her name further made the rounds. 

She also released a collection of essays No One Asked for This in 2020. The same reached the number 2 spot on The New York Times Paperback Nonfiction Best Sellers List. So, it’s safe to say that Cazzie is versatile and multitalented, just like her parents.

Net Worth

Cazzie David has an estimated net worth of $10 million. She has earned a chunk of it from her acting roles but the majority of it is from the behind-the-scenes writing and producing that she engages in. She has also earned a good amount of royalties from her collection of essays she released in 2020.


1. Who has Cazzie David dated?

Before dating Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson was in a relationship with Cazzie David and the two of them were quite serious about each other and dated for around two years.

2. How are Cazzie David and John Mayer friends?

Cazzie and John have been friends for quite some time now and while they do prefer keeping their friendship away from the media speculations, they have openly acknowledged their friendship time and time too.

3. What does Cazzie David say about Pete Davidson?

Following their split, Cazzie reached out to Pete to reconcile things but came to know that Pete is happier and they permanently ended their connections two days later.