Jo Bo Ah Net Worth 2024 – Is the ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ Star a Millionaire?

Jo Bo Ah Net Worth

While we are all collectively busy fawning over the amazing cast of the different Korean dramas, what we can’t brush to the side is the fact that actresses like Jo Bo Ah are making an impact on the industry with their amazing acting skills and eclectic personality.

If you are new to the whole scene of Korean drama and Korean actresses in general, there is a 100% chance that you might not be aware of who Jo Bo Ah is and the kind of roles she has acted in.

Besides Military Prosecutor Doberman, she has also appeared in a series of other Korean shows and movies. This article will further look into exploring more about Jo Bo Ah, her net worth, career, and early life.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Jo Bo-yoon
Birth Date August 22, 1991
Age 32
Country of Origin South Korea
South Korean
Profession Actress
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1.5 million
Last Updated: Mar 04, 2024

Early Life

Jo Bo Ah was born on August 22. 1991 in Daejeon, South Korea. We don’t have any information about her parents or her life growing up because that’s what she decided would be the best thing for her and the kind of fame she has garnered over the years.

According to the calculations, she is currently 31 years old and is 5’5” in height, and weighs around 49 kg. Rumors suggest that Jo had a love for drama and acting from an early age, which is what pushed her to pursue a career in acting at a later date.

Also, Jo graduated with a degree in performing arts from Sungkyunkwan University. It was a pretty unconventional choice of education, but given the kind of talent she has shown from her early childhood, it isn’t surprising that her parents have been nothing but supportive of whatever she has decided to do with her life.

There’s not a lot of public information about Jo’s siblings or the kind of relationship she had with her friends and family growing up.

Personal Life

Much like her early life, Jo hasn’t declared anything about her personal life as well. She prefers keeping it that way, which is one of the reasons why she doesn’t share anything about her love life on social media.

According to public knowledge, Jo is single. She doesn’t have a history of being engaged to someone as well.

Jo Bo Ah


Jo’s career in acting hasn’t been as simple as many make it out to be. She has a pretty rough start. However, with the kind of resilience she has shown over the years, it isn’t even a question that she had to make it in the world of Korean drama.

Her first big break was in “My Stranger Hero,” which aired on SBS. She played the role of Son Soo Jung in the show. It was followed by another show “Forest”, where she played the role alongside Park Hae Jin.

One of her biggest roles was in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” in which she shared the screen alongside Lee Dong Wook. The show was released in 2020. But, what set Jo apart from the rest and helped her solidify her place in the acting and drama scene was her appearance in the show ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’.

The show followed her character, who was set on a mission to unveil the corruption and the wrongdoings that were happening in the military. 

Net Worth

Jo Bo Ah has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, which she has acquired from her acting credits primarily. She also leverages her influence and her social media following to endorse brands as well, further adding to her growing wealth. With the steady rise that Jo is attaining in her career, it won’t be surprising if she makes it big in the long run.


1. Is Jo Bo Ah in Season 2 of Tale of the Nine-Tailed?

The fans loved seeing Jo Bo Ah in the first season of Tale of the Nine-Tailed. And, while the characters received the happy ending they deserved, it has been confirmed that Jo isn’t returning in the second season.

2. What is the Instagram ID of Jo Bo Ah?

If you aren’t able to find Jo Bo Ah on Instagram, it is because her Instagram handle is a little complicated. She goes by xxadoraa_1 on IG.

3. Does Jo Bo Ah live in South Korea?

Being born in South Korea and having her work in the country, it makes total sense that Jo Bo Ah lives in South Korea.