Cartel Crew Season 4 – Has VH1 Renewed the Show?

Cartel Crew Season 4

Innumerable reality TV shows are available on the internet. And, one that manages to stand out of the lot is Cartel Crew. However, unlike standard reality television series, Cartel Crew follows the life of the descendants of the Cartel Life.

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This means that the show follows the lives of people whose families have a past of being in drug trafficking businesses and similar illegal activities. How these descendants make their way through life is what Cartel Crew focuses on.

This article will explore more about Cartel Crew Season 4, its release date, and its potential plot.

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What is the plot of Cartel Crew Season 4?

Cartel Crew is a reality documentary television series that follows the life of people who are descendants of the Cartel Life, navigating adulthood through a lot of ups and downs.

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With their childhood riddled with the burden of the Cartel life and their families being mixed with illegal activities, how these people navigate through life despite the shortcomings is what Cartel Crew focuses on and highlights in the show.

It has completed three seasons and the audience is now avidly looking forward to the release of the fourth season.

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When is Cartel Crew Season 4 Releasing?

Cartel Crew hasn’t been renewed for the fourth season yet. VH1 hasn’t released any official news about the show’s fourth season’s status and whether or not it is returning.

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That said, neither the network nor the creators of the show have announced an official cancellation, which is another reason why everyone is hopeful that the show might be renewed sometime in the future.

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Who is cast in Cartel Crew Season 4 Releasing?

The cast of Cartel Crew is pretty much all the real-life characters whose families have been previously part of Cartel Life.

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So, none of the characters or cast in the show are actors but are actual people who are navigating through their lives despite the challenges they are faced with due to the choices that their parents or their families made.

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If you are looking for an informative and heartfelt documentary series to watch, Cartel Crew is one worth watching. Although there is not much information available about the show’s fourth season yet, we are hopeful that it might come around in the future. To keep up with the latest updates, follow this web page because we will keep you posted with all the updated news.

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