Empire Season 7 – When is the Show Returning?

Empire Season 7

When it comes to popular web series and TV shows, Empire is hands down one of the most popular shows on FOX. Following the kind of success, the first six seasons of the show have garnered, it isn’t surprising that the viewers are now avidly waiting for the release of the seventh season.

According to official news from FOX, the sixth season of the show was it’s final one, which means that Empire Season 7 isn’t happening.

However, if you have been wondering to know more about the show, its premise, and availability, keep on reading.

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What is the Plot of Empire Season 7?

As we mentioned, Empire’s sixth season was its last and final season, as confirmed by the creators and the network.

So, if you are still awaiting the release of the seventh season, it is all in vain. The sixth season of the show ended in April 2020. That said, Empire is a show based on the musical and drama genre. 

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If you are planning to binge-watch the show from the beginning, Empire follows the life of a music tycoon who is now just a famous musician but also the owner of a music company. How life plays odds against him is what the show is all about.

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When is Empire Season 7 Releasing?

Empire’s last season was Season 6. It is not returning with Season 7 in the future as the creators and the network have confirmed that the story has concluded.

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However, despite that, we’d recommend that you go ahead and watch all six available seasons of the show on FOX because it’s a worthy watch. The storyline is a lot unconventional and slow-paced, which is hard to find today’s date.

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Who is cast in Empire Season 7?

Since Empire Season 7 isn’t happening, it is safe to say that there’s no point in assuming who would be in the cast.

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However, if Season 7 were to happen, we can safely assume that the protagonists and supporting characters from the last Season 6 would be making a comeback.

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If you were looking for confirmation about Empire Season 7 and its renewal status, we hope this article gives you all the answers you are looking for. Although the show has ended for good, you have six amazing seasons to binge-watch, so we’d suggest that you go ahead and do that in the meantime.

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