Boruto Chapter 51 Read Online, Spoilers, Full Summary, Raw Scans Leaks and Manga Updates

Boruto Chapter 51

Boruto Chapter 51 Summary and Other Details

As soon as the raw scan leaks of Boruto Chapter 51 arrived on the internet, the spoilers hit the internet with a storm. The manga fans have already started to translate major dialogues of the chapter from the Japanese language to the English language. If you are looking for Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers, a complete summary, and how to read the Manga series chapters online for free you can go ahead. But, it is highly recommended for the manga readers to have some patience to wait for the official release of Boruto Chapter 51 in the English language. The official English release would be much more accurate when compared to the spoilers. It would also help the Creators. 

Spoilers and summary of Boruto Chapter 51

Boruto Chapter 51

In the first half, Amado was talking and the battlefield was shown. In the second half, Kyuubi allowed the new power mode to get activated and Naruto decided to make up his mind.

In the chapter, Boruto said to Isshiki that while team 7 was fighting Boro he said that Isshiki is planning to use Boruto and kawaki. It means that “If I’m dead, then you are in trouble”. Kara plans to harvest chakra fruits by planting a scared tree. During this time, Amado briefs that one of the Otsutsuki’s is scarified just for the tree to grow well. When this happens, the other guards were waiting to harvest the chakra fruit from the tree. In the Boruto 51 Chapter, Amado says, “When Otsutsukis attack a planet, they always come in pair. I’m going to tell you why…” Shikamaru: “is one of them sacrificed?” Amado: “The other one watched the growth of the tree until a chakra fruit grows”. 

After Isshiki Otsutsuki and Kaguya arrived at the planet and decided to plant a sacred tree together, Kaguya was meant to be utilized for sacrifice purposes as Kaguya belonged to a much lower status. But, this idea was interrupted as Kaguya became a rebel all of a sudden. This resulted in Isshiki Otsutsuki planting a sacred tree without Kaguya’s presence.

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English release date of Boruto Chapter 51 and how to read them online 

The manga fans can read the chapter online for free through Shonen jump or official Manga Plus websites or applications. But, it is recommended to wait for the official English release as this would help the creators. For now, the chapter’s release date is believed to be on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

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