Naruto’s Creator Masashi Kishimoto Confirmed To Write Boruto Manga

Naruto’s Creator Masashi Kishimoto Confirmed To Write Boruto Manga

It was reported that the popular manga, Naruto will once again return for the Boruto manga. This was officially announced by the manga writer, Masashi Kishimoto.

He will be taking over Ukyo Kodachi, the chief writer of the manga. According to the announcement made, Mikio Ikemoto, the assistant of Mashashi Kishimoto will work as an illustrator. They will both work together for the Boruto manga. 

This is big news for all the Naruto fans as the manga will return once again. Fans were waiting for this for a long time. Finally, it is going to happen.

Based on the official Twitter post for Naruto/Boruto manga, we got to know that the chief writer for the manga, Ukyo will be leaving the script from the 52nd chapter. Just so you know the 52nd chapter is set to release on 20th November 2020 in the United States. The same will be released on 21st November 2020 in Japan.

Ukyo Kodachi took to his Twitter account to comment on the latest developments. He posted a series of tweets mentioning that he had a lovely time writing for the Boruto manga. Right now he is looking forward to Mashashi Kishimoto to take over. 

Kodachi helped with the script for Boruto: Naruto the Movie. He was the chief scriptwriter for the first 13 volumes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga. Before becoming the chief scriptwriter for the manga, he worked as an assistant for Mashashi Kishimoto.

According to official sources, the change of the writers was planned from the beginning. This is not something that happened suddenly. Kishimoto handed over the helm of the Boruto manga to his assistant after he finished Naruto. He took this decision because he wanted to take a break as he worked for a long time for Naruto which was his original project.

Kishimoto provided Kodachi with a script outline so that he can follow it for the sequel. Ukyo Kodachi followed all the instructions closely. But after writing so many volumes, he was able to introduce some of his own to the manga.

Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto is 46 years old now. After completing Naruto he wanted to work on a sci-fi manga that would surpass his previous work. Recently, he completed his project, Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru. His sudden return to the ninja sequel shocked everyone. Fans thought that he is retiring.


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