‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Is There A Second Season For Netflix’s ‘Blood Of Zeus’? Exclusive Updates And Details

Season 1 of ‘Blood of Zeus’ has become a super hit on Netflix. People who have watched it cannot wait for the next season to arrive. Created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, ‘Blood of Zeus is a Netflix original anime series. 

Powerhouse Animation Studios is the production studio that produced this. The renewal status of Season 2 of Blood of Zeus on Netflix is still pending. Blood of Zeus is a Greek mythological anime series that became a most loved anime series on Netflix within a short period.  

Netflix usually takes quite some time to announce the next season of a specific series. With Blood of Zeus, we can expect a lot of time from Netflix to renew the second season as it is anime. So, predictably, for the next few months, it is unlikely to get any announcement regarding the second season of this series from Netflix. But, some signs suggest the renewal of the series quite soon. 

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The global reach of ‘Blood of Zeus’

Blood of Zeus season 2
Credit: Netflix

In the US, Blood of Zeus has made it to the 3rd number in the top 10 list of Netflix best series. Even at the international level, Blood of Zeus has become a hit and made it under the top 10 list. In Nigeria, the anime series has been placed in the number one position.

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Blood of Zeus Season 1 Highlights

The first season concluded with much suspense, making the audience crave for the release of the next season. Hades has offered the opportunity to Seraphim to serve him. Seraphim has no choice he has to serve Hades. But, he will somehow find a way to escape from him. Audiences are also expecting who will be the Gods of Olympus. The fate of Hera is also to be decided. Hera might not be the main villain of the next season, but she might cause trouble for Heron. 

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Blood of Zeus Season 2 Updates 

As you know, it takes a lot of time and so much hard work to create an animation series. Blood of Zeus is no exception to this. The first announcement regarding Blood of Zeus was made in March 2019. It took almost 17 months before the series streamed on Netflix. So, it is evident that the second season will also take at least a year to get released. Though we don’t know how many episodes will be there in the second season there is a curious wait among the audience for it. 

As there is no official announcement or information regarding the second season of Blood of Zeus, we cannot conclude that if it will be available by this year; it might at least take 2022 for it to be released.

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