Hi Bye Mama Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Latest Details

Hi Bye Mama Season 2

Hi Bye, Mama is a South Korean, Netflix Original series. The story follows Cha Yu-ri played dies in an accident while protecting her unborn baby. However, she was not able to go into her afterlife.

She is present as a human who has a project to complete in 49 days. After that, she will go back to where she originally belongs. But a lot of things happen in this little time. Her husband has married again and since then his personality is changed completely.

The story is unique and is loved by the audience. After the success of the first season, fans are now waiting for season 2 to arrive. That being said, let’s get to know the details.

When will we get season 2?

Hi Bye Mama Season 2

Well, there is some seriously bad news for all the fans. if you are waiting for the next season, then we suggest you not to as there will be no more seasons to the show.

The cast has already made it clear that there will be just one season. But the storyline still gives a scope to the makers to extend the story. 

Lee Kyu Hyung said that they are really happy to present the show to their fans. But with the current situation, shooting for season 2 is not at all plausible. This means we can still expect the show to return.

If season 2 is ever made, it is most likely to come by 2022 and not before that.

Who all are there in the cast?

Although there is a very slight chance of the showing getting renewed for season 2, we are still mentioning the main cast of the show.

  • Kim Tae-hee as Cha Yu-ri

Kim Tae-hee

  • Move Bo-Gyeol as damn Min-jung

Move Bo-Gyeol

  • Lee Kyu-Hyung as Cho Gang-Hwa

Lee Kyu-Hyung

They are the three main cast members of the show. Apart from them, there are few other people in the show.

Is there any trailer available?

Since season 2 is not planned yet, there is no question of having a trailer. But for those who haven’t watched the show yet, they can start with the trailer of the first season. This is quite an interesting show that you will love to watch.

What about the plot?

Cha Yu-Ri returns to the human world as a reincarnated wife. But Cho Gang-Hwa has remarried Oh Min-jung. What will she do now? Will she get her position back in her family or just accept her failure?

If you love watching a show with a good amount of humour and eeriness, then this is for you.