Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating In 2023? Uncovering the Truth

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating In 2023? Uncovering the Truth

If you are into YouTube and binge-watch famous YouTubers, chances are that you have come across Lexi Rivera and her videos at least once in your life until now. She is a famous YouTuber and she is also the sister of popular YouTuber, Brent Rivera.

Lexi, who is a leading social media influencer, started gaining traction when she was introduced as Brent’s sister. However, with her charming personality and the fun videos that she posts on her social media channels, people have been inquisitive about her personal life a lot.

This article will look into who Lexi Rivera is dating in 2023 and even dig deeper into her personal dating history.

Is Lexi Rivera Dating Someone in 2023?

If you watched Lexi’s videos on YouTube, you likely know that she has been hinting about “wanting” to be with Andrew Davila for quite some time.

Andrew is also a famous YouTuber and social media personality. Following months and years of speculations, it has been finally confirmed that Lexi is dating Andrew. The news didn’t come as a shock to the fans who were shipping the two and wanted them to get together.

One of the main reasons why rumors surrounding Lexi and Andrew started was due to a video she posted. In that video, Lexi titled it as “My ex-boyfriend meets my New boyfriend. In that, Andrew played the role of the new boyfriend, citing questions among the audience.

However, after posting the video, Lexi confirmed to her audience that it was just for the video and that she and Andrew are just good friends. That said, all their friends assume or suspect that the two are dating.

Although no confirmation about their official relationship has been shared by either of them, it is safe to assume that the two are most likely together and in a relationship. Several media outlets have even looked into the matter and suspect that the two are most likely together.

Who is Lexi Rivera’s Rumored Boyfriend?

We pretty much know that Lexi Rivera is a famous YouTuber and social media personality but who is Andrew Davila, the guy that she is supposedly dating?

According to reports, Andrew is also a successful YouTuber and internet personality. While Lexi grew from her YouTube channel, Andrew’s social media rise was from his Instagram account, which he started back in 2014.

Andrew is an American and was born on June 26, 2000, in Texas. Their initial rise to fame for Andrew was from his modeling contracts, which he did during the initial days of his career. During his initial days on social media, Andrew also collaborated with famous YouTubers and influencers to further expand his reach to the audience.

What do the Fans Speculate about Lexi and Andrew?

As we mentioned, Lexi and Andrew have a dedicated fanbase, who want the two to officially get together and come out as a couple on the internet.

With how much Lexi flirts with Andrew and the kind of videos that the two have posted together, it almost looks like they are together, to say the least. Their fanbase is quite divided on their relationship. While some genuinely believe the two are dating, some believe that it’s just a hoax and they are simply good friends.

It is quite difficult to understand what’s the truth though. Before all these rumors with Andrew Davila, Lexi dated Ben Azelart for two years between the years 2018 to 2020. Ben is a famous YouTuber as well.

The two separated on good terms since they are often seen together and shooting videos for each other’s channels. Some fans have pointed out that Lexi often “brings Andrew” to the picture when she wants to make Ben “jealous.” There are a lot of remarks being thrown around loosely by the fans.

Who was Lexi Rivera Dating Before Andrew Davila?

As we mentioned, Lexi was previously dating Ben Azelart, who is a YouTuber too. The two met each other in 2017, hit it off quickly, and started dating each other in 2018. Not only were they quite public about their relationship, they seem to be quite compatible on screen, which left the audience quite pleased.

But, in November 2020, Lexi posted a video on her YouTube channel announcing their break up, which left the fans quite upset. The two of them explained that they were experiencing conflicts behind the scenes and thought it would be better to be separate than to make things worse.


Lexi Rivera is reportedly dating Andrew Davila, as of 2023. But we don’t have any kind of official confirmation surrounding the same, so its difficult to confirm what’s true and what’s not. What we can say at this point is that there is 90% chance that Lexi and Andrew are dating but haven’t confirmed it yet.