Baking Impossible Season 2 – Is the Netflix Reality Show Returning?

Baking Impossible Season 2

If you are a fan of baking and cooking reality series and shows, Baking Impossible on Netflix is a worthy watch. But, with Baking Impossible, things aren’t as direct as a simple bake-off competition. The uniqueness of the show’s format is what helped it gain traction.

On the show, experienced and skilled bakers are paired with engineers to create edible creations that are both delicious and structurally sound. Since the first season was such a huge success, it isn’t surprising that the audience is now awaiting information about the second season.

We will discuss more about Baking Impossible 2, its release date, and the expectations for the new season in this article.

When is Baking Impossible 2 Releasing?

The first season of Baking Impossible aired in 2021 on Netflix and the unique concept behind the show immediately took off. Soon after, it ended up gaining millions in viewership.

With the kind of viewership that the show gained, it wasn’t even a question that they would bring the show back on Netflix. However, we don’t have any update regarding the show’s renewal status or details related to the release date.

Some reports suggest that the show might be released as early as 2022 but that unfortunately didn’t happen. Since reality shows are a little easier to shoot and produce, the fans were expecting an early release but the network or the showrunners haven’t shared any insights about the release dates yet.

What can we expect from Baking Impossible 2?

Season 2 of Baking Impossible is expected to follow the same format as the first season. Teams of bakers and engineers will compete to create edible creations that must survive a series of challenging engineering stress tests. 

The creations will be judged on their taste, appearance, and engineering ingenuity. In addition to the classic challenges from the first season, such as the cake smash and the earthquake test, season 2 is expected to feature some new and even more challenging challenges. 

For example, in one challenge, the teams may need to create an edible robot that can navigate an obstacle course. In another challenge, the teams may need to create a cake that can withstand a windstorm. The options are pretty much endless at this point, so we’d have to see how things unfold when it is released officially.

Who is returning to Baking Impossible 2?

Since it is a reality show, the contestants will be different. But, we can expect to see Justin William return as the show’s host and Andrew Smyth, Joanne Chang, and Hakeem Oluseyi return as the judges.

  • Justin William

Justin William

  • Andrew Smyth

Andrew Smyth

  • Joanne Chang

Joanne Chang

  • Hakeem Oluseyi

Hakeem Oluseyi

Besides that, the entire cast on the show would be surprised with the new contestants that will grace the show.


Baking Impossible 2 will happen sometime in the future. We just don’t have any insights about the official release dates yet. If you have been wondering about the release dates, it looks like Netflix will take some more time to finally renew the show and then release the new season to the audience.


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