Patriot Season 3 – Has Amazon Prime Cancelled the Show?

Patriot Season 3

When you get hooked on a new series or show and end up knowing that the network has most likely benched and canceled the show, there’s no bigger heartbreak than that. Steven Conrad’s Patriot has been cancelled and the fans are quite disappointed.

Although the show’s name sounds heavy, it was a light-hearted comedy-drama series, which ran for two successful seasons. Initially, the first season of the series aired in 2015, and the elements of comedy, spy thriller, and drama helped it gain a decent viewership off the bat.

This article will explore all that you need to know about Patriot Season 3, its release date, and details related to its cancellation.

When is Patriot Season 3?

As of 2023, the renewal status of Patriot’s third season remains canceled. In short, the show isn’t returning anytime in the future.

The sudden cancellation came off as a surprise to the fans because they were pretty excited to witness how things would unfold in the third season after the second one ended abruptly. The show, which follows the life of John Tavner, an intelligence officer, had a lot of potential in it.

The news regarding the show’s cancellation came from Amazon Studios’ co-head of TV, Albert Cheng, who confirmed that Amazon Prime isn’t returning with a new season in the future.

Although disappointed, the next question that most fans had was wondering if the third season would be picked up by any other streaming platform. Looks like, we don’t have any updates related to that as well.

What to expect from Patriot Season 3?

Because Amazon TV has benched the show instead of renewing it for the third season, there’s nothing left to expect.

As morbid as it sounds, that’s the truth at this point. During the news about the cancellation, Amazon confirmed that one of the reasons why they had to cancel the show instead of renewing it was due to a dip in viewership in the second season. Another possibility was the fact that the show was becoming too expensive to produce.

Irrespective of the reason why it was canceled, we can’t expect a plot for the third season since the show has an original screenplay and script and isn’t inspired by any novels or write-ups. We might have seen John Tavner and his adventures along the way but that’s not happening anymore.

Who will return on Patriot Season 3?

Since Patriot Season 3 isn’t happening, there’s no point deducing who will return on the show. However, if it were to happen, we could have seen some of our favorite cast, including Michael Dorman and Michael Chernus return on the show.

  • Michael Dorman

Michael Dorman

  • Michael Chernus

Michael Chernus

But unfortunately, that seems like a distant dream at this point. So, we’d have to settle with binge-watching the first two seasons.


Patriot Season 3, despite the amazing response from the fans, isn’t happening. Amazon TV has canceled the show and there doesn’t seem to be any hopes for a new network to take up the series. So, at this point, all you can do is watch a re-run of the first two seasons.


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