Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 – What Do We Know So Far?

Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5

It is not every day that you come across television series that have a blend of suspense, thrill, crime, and comedy. Well, Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators is a show that manages to bring all that to the table.

Created by Paul Matthew Thompson, the show stars Jo Joyner as Luella Shakespeare who is a modern-day language expert, and Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway, who is an old-school private investigator. The show has four successful seasons released already. 

If you are awaiting more news regarding Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 5, its release date, and details about the cast, we will discuss more on that in this guide.

When is Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 5 Releasing?

Available on BBC, the show already has pretty amazing ratings and the viewership has been consistent too. This means that if you are wondering if it’s returning for a new season, the answer is yes.

The rating success has also confirmed the possibility of the show returning with the new season. The only dilemma is that we don’t have any idea as to when that’s happening.

BBC has not renewed the show for a new season yet, so that has left the viewers in a state of panic wondering if it will be benched or cancelled. If we had to speculate a potential release date, 2024 doesn’t seem like too bad of a choice.

That said, we’d have to wait things out until official news comes in to determine what will happen down the road. There seems to be no word on the street from the showrunners too, so that’s another issue.

What can we expect from Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5?

If Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators is renewed for a fifth season, we can expect the duo to unfold more crime-solving cases with a tinge of fun and comedy added to the mixture.

The format of the show won’t change and we will most likely see Luella Shakespeare and Frank Hathaway as they go around investigating different cases.

Besides that, the show will also involve a few twists and turns and reintroduce a few old characters that we might have left behind in one of the previous seasons. Getting to witness the relationship between Luella and Frank will also be interesting to watch.

Who is returning to Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5?

If Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators is renewed for a fifth season, we can expect to see the following cast members return: 

  • Jo Joyner as Luella Shakespeare 
  • Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway 
  • Amber Aga as DI Christina 
  • Marlowe Roberta Taylor as Gloria Fonteyn 
  • Patrick Walshe McBride as Sebastian Brudenell

These are the main characters we expect to see on the show. More supporting cast will be added as well.


The release of Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 is being patiently awaited by millions of fans across the globe. With the uniqueness of the storyline and the amazing character development, there’s so much more that this series has in store.


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