Austen Kroll Net Worth – How Much Is the Craft Beer Enthusiast Worth?

Austen Kroll Net Worth

Austen Kroll is a name that many might not be aware of. The majority of his fame and popularity comes from his presence in specific niches. But, Austen is a famous social media personality and has starred in multiple reality television shows, including Southern Charm and Winter House.

Not just that, Austen also owns his brewery and is extremely passionate about Craft Beer, which led to his name growing in the relevant industry. He is also the owner of Trop Hop Beer.

You can also listen to Austen on multiple podcasts. Given the diverse range of income sources that he has created for himself, it isn’t surprising that people are curious about his net worth. More on that will be discussed in this article.

Early Life

Austen Kroll was born on June 16, 1987, in Washington, D.C. to Tom and Wendy Kroll. What’s unique about his life growing up was the fact that his father worked as an FBI agent while his mother was into sales. 

After his birth, Austen and his whole family relocated to North Carolina, which is where he was raised and spent the majority of his life. 

There’s not much input about his school life but reports suggest that he attended the University of Alabama, where he secured his MBA from. He had a knack for golfing and hiking from an early age.

Personal Life

Austen Kroll’s love life is nothing but tumultuous. He has been connected with multiple women throughout his life, including big names like Chelsea Meissner and Victoria Bolyard. His last relationship was with Olivia Flowers but the couple split in 2022. 


Many people have this misconception that Austen grew up in a well-to-do family, which contributed to his success as well. That’s not true at all.

In fact, following his graduation, Austen worked at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, as a server. However, he knew that he had a passion for craft beer and brewing in general. That’s when he shifted his focus and started working at the Roast Public House as a manager.

Finding his footing and his interest in the industry, Austen kept on relocating and changing his job. After leaving the Roast Public House, he went on to work at Palmetto Brewing Company, Red Hare Brewing Company, etc.

But, Austen knew that he wanted to do something of his own in this industry, which is when he relocated to Charleston and founded Kings Calling Brewing Co. in 2019.

With his charm and the fame he gained eventually from his business, Austen went on to star in two reality TV shows, Southern Charm and Winter House.

Net Worth

With his own brewing business, appearance on reality TV shows, and a whole lot of other income sources, Austen has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He also earned through his podcast, Pillows, and Beer podcast. Although not confirmed, it is reported that Austen earned around $25,000 for each episode on Southern Charm, which is a pretty steep income source too.


1. Are Austen Kroll and Chelsea still friends?

If you have watched Survivor, you likely know how much Austen and Chelsea’s friendship and relationship have been publicized. However, despite their separation, the two of them remain good friends to this day.

2. What does Austen Kroll do?

Austen is a leading businessman and he is known for handling multiple ventures. Among them, one that deserves a shoutout is their NYC restaurant, Carriage House.

3. Why did Austen break up with Olivia?

While we don’t have all the details, some insights suggest that Austen and Olivia parted ways because they didn’t want anything to jeopardize their relationship.