Ali Abdaal Net Worth – How Much Is the Doctor Turned YouTuber Worth?

Ali Abdaal Net Worth

We often hear about people spending years of their lives becoming a doctor. While becoming one is tedious, Ali Abdaal is a name in the YouTube space who is known for foregoing his career in medicine and venturing into the YouTube space, where he now posts videos in the niche of lifestyle, self-development, and personal growth.

Besides personal development, Ali Abdaal also posts a series of videos on personal finance. One of the highlights of his videos is his easy language and engaging flow of the video. 

This article will explore everything that you need to know about Ali Abdaal, his net worth, career graph, and also details about his net worth.

Early Life

Ali Abdaal was born on May 11, 1994. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan but his family first shifted to South Africa, followed by the United Kingdom, which is where they finally settled down for good. All of these relocations happened right after Ali’s birth.

After settling in the U.K., Ali completed his formal education at Westcliff High School for Boys. He was pretty good at academics and even developed a knack for coding early on in his life. 

Following learning more about coding, Ali started working as a freelancer. He worked in the space of web designing. Ali acquired his medical degree from Cambridge University and enrolled in the University in 2012.

Personal Life

Ali’s dating life has been pretty tame. He used to date Sheen Gurrib, who was his classmate during his time at medical school. However, despite having a good relationship, the two split in 2021. Sheen has been part of a few of Ali’s early YouTube videos. Since his break-up in 2021, Ali has been single. He hasn’t shared anything about his personal life.


Right from an early time during his medical career, Ali had an entrepreneurial seed within him. While new to learning medicine, Ali launched his first online venture, 6med. The online service enabled medical students to apply to their medical schools of choice.

After acquiring his medical degree, Ali practiced as a doctor in the NHS in the UK. However, his medical career didn’t sustain for long and he quit that career two years in.

During taking that hiatus from medicine, Ali started his YouTube channel, where he posted music covers, posts, and updates surrounding 6med and even lifestyle vlogs. The initial days were pretty much all over the place.

Later, Ali decided to downsize his niche and started posting videos surrounding productivity, self-development, and personal finance, which started bring him popularity. He also runs his popular newsletter, Sunday Snippets. Ali has also ventured into the podcasting space with his brother, Taimur.

Net Worth

With the multiple income sources that Ali has created, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Reports also suggest that he earns around $130,000 from a single YouTube video, thanks to the millions of views that he racks. Ali has a pretty distinct social media following, which he utilizes to endorse brands and earn a steep income from there as well.


1. What is Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel about?

Ali’s YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics, including study techniques, productivity tools, book reviews, and insights into his own life. He previously used to talk about his medical career too.

2. Is Ali Abdaal still practicing medicine?

Ali seems to have taken a break from his medical career to focus on his YouTube and content creation journey. There’s no way of knowing if he will return to practicing medicine or not.

3. How did Ali Abdaal become popular on YouTube?

Ali gained popularity on YouTube by sharing his experiences as a medical student, study tips, and productivity hacks. His engaging and informative content resonated with a broad audience, leading to a substantial following.