American Gods Season 4: Everything We Know About the Release Date, Cast & Plot


Sometimes, a few of the most underrated shows make a great plotline. American Gods from STARZ Channel is one of those examples. Although the show isn’t a very popular one, it has a dedicated fanbase that could very much include you.

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With the positive response for the first three seasons, American Gods have already been renewed for the fourth season, which is expected to come out in 2024. 

American Gods Season 4

If you are planning to watch the fourth season but are a little bit confused about the show’s release date, plotline, and cast, we have sorted all the updates in this article.

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What is the Plot of American Gods Season 4?

the Plot of American Gods Season 4

If you are looking into the traditions of American folklore, American Gods is hands down one of the best shows for that. It explores the concept or idea of Gaiman, which involves the confrontation of the Old and New Gods.

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The concept and plotline might be a little too confusing to understand. However, if you are sitting there confused about the plot, especially because it’s not your cup of tea, we’d recommend you give this a try because Season 4 is introducing a lot of new concepts related to the American Gods.

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When is American Gods Season 4 Releasing?

When is American Gods Season 4 Releasing

American Gods Season 4 is rumored to be released on August 04, 2024. There is no official confirmation but this is pretty much the confirmed date when you will get access to all the episodes of the fourth season for you to binge-watch.

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However, keep in mind that this is a potential release date, which is subject to change, depending on how the production progresses.

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The show is currently in production and there are a lot of other factors, especially in post-production, which is one of the reasons why the dates might vary.

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Who is in American Gods Season 4?

Who is in American Gods Season 4

The American Gods Season 4 will bring back the staple cast, including Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Emily Browning, Pablo Schreiber, Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, etc.

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Whether or not they add more characters to the new season is still not disclosed or leaked to the audience.

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American Gods Season 4 is releasing in August 2024, which is almost one and a half years away. So, there is a long wait until you can binge-watch the new season. What we’d recommend you do in the meantime is watch all the previous seasons.

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