Alone Season 3 Winner Divorce – Why Zachary Fowler Divorced His Ex-Wife?

Alone Season 3 Winner Divorce – Why Zachary Fowler Divorced His Ex-Wife?

Are you a fan of History Channel’s survival show Alone? If yes, chances are that you know who Zachary Fowler is and the kind of fame he gained from the show. Besides his presence on the show, Fowler also gained media attention for his love story with his ex-wife, Jami Fowler.

However, recent reports from the media and even fans depict a potential separation between the beloved couple and the fans are now curious to know what went down. Will the fans have a clear understanding? The answer is no.

That said, we have tried to accumulate all the publicly available information about Zachary Fowler and Jami Fowler’s divorce and what happened.

What Tipped Off Zachary Fowler’s Relationship?

Zachary Fowler fell in love with Jami quite quickly when he tasted how good her cooking was and ended up professing his love to her.

When the two of them got together, Jami already had a child from a previous relationship, and then after their marriage, Zachary and Jami welcomed a child of their own as well.

There seems to be no concrete information about what exactly tipped off Zachary and Jami’s relationship but reports suggest that it was probably when Zachary went to shoot for Alone.

While Zachary went to Patagonia to shoot for the show, it looked like Jami had a hard time coping with the differences, which ended up hurting her in more ways than one could have anticipated. Reports suggest that during that 87-day separation, while Zachary was shooting for Alone, Jami lost her brother to a car accident, further worsening things.

During that period, being alone with her two children and grieving didn’t bode well for her mental well-being and she ended up in a lot of despair. 

Was it Just the Distance that Contributed to Zachary and Jami’s Divorce?

Technically, according to the public information, that seems to be the case. There’s no way for us to know what went down but that’s pretty much the gist of the situation.

When Jami couldn’t handle everything by herself, she ended up selling everything and flew to Seattle with her girls. Being with family and also attending and officiating her sister’s wedding seemed like a good distraction for her.

However, after Alone wrapped up and Zachary returned home, the two of them had no idea how things were for themselves. They didn’t expect to feel off put by each other’s presence, which ended up being the final nail in the coffin.

Rumors also suggest that things went downhill after the show aired, further leading to a string of complexities in their relationship, which eventually ended with a divorce. They are most likely focusing on co-parenting now.


At this point, Zachary and Jami seem to be single after their separation and are focused on being good parents to their children. They have become quite private about their personal lives, which explains why we don’t have any insights into how things are between the couple at the moment. 


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