Finding Out Why Jared Leaves Brokenwood Mysteries

Finding Out Why Jared Leaves Brokenwood Mysteries

Every time an actor quits a show, it gives rise to curiosity among fans. The same happened when Jared Morehu left Brokenwood Mysteries after three seasons.

His sudden departure from the show left the fans asking, “Why did Jared leave the show?” If you too have the same question on your mind, you are in the right place looking for answers.

In this post, we will explore the reason behind Jared’s departure and what it means for the show. So, if you are interested to know more about this topic, give this article a read.

Jared’s Exit From Brokenwood Mysteries

As you all know the character of Jared Morehu was portrayed by Neill Rea, the protagonist of the show “Brokenwood Mysteries.” It is a crime drama series based in New Zealand. 

When the show kicked off, he appeared in the very first episode as a Detective Inspector who had just moved to the quiet town of Brokenwood. He gained the affection of the audience with his straightforward approach, sharp detective skills, and clever remarks.

Despite the character’s popularity, Jared bid farewell to the show during its fourth season. His exit caught everyone off guard, and it left many fans pondering the reasons behind his departure.

Reasons Behind Jared’s Departure

Jared’s sudden exit from the Brokenwood Mysteries series has sparked various speculations regarding why he chose to leave. One of the theories suggests that Jared grew dissatisfied with the way his character was evolving in the storyline. He believed that his character had hit a wall and he wanted to try something different.

Another theory revolves around Jared’s eagerness to dive into new projects. Being a highly skilled actor, he might want to explore his potential in different roles.

Contract negotiations could also have played a key role in Jared’s exit. With the show’s success, Jared might have sought to renegotiate his contract, while the producers may not have been as willing to comply.

It is also possible that Jared simply wanted to quit the show try something new and explore new projects and opportunities.

Jared’s departure has left many viewers pondering how the show will progress without him. There’s no doubt that fans will miss his presence in the show.

Jared’s Statement About His Departure

Jared has maintained silence in the public eye when it comes to his decision to leave the Brokenwood Mysteries series. However, he took to social media to express his gratitude to his loyal fanbase and shared his appreciation for the opportunity to portray such a character. He also expressed his affection for his crew and co-stars, with a special mention of Nic Sampson.

Final Words

This shift in his career could mean the start of a new chapter in his life. It is possible that Jared opted to chase his dreams in a completely different domain, which ultimately led to the decision to leave the show. Regardless of the reason, we wish Jared all the luck in his future endeavors.


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