Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Season 3 Release Date – What’s the Update?

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 3

Hold onto your cloche hats, because Peregrine Fisher is dusting off her dancing shoes and prepping her trusty Smith & Wesson for another season of sassy sleuthing!

Period typical dramas aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you are someone who genuinely enjoys watching them, this is one of those mystery and thriller shows on Acorn TV that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Following the success of the first two seasons, the fans are now wondering what’s up with Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Season 3.

When is Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Season 3 Releasing?

The first two seasons of Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries premiered on Acorn TV. So, the eventual renewal of the show for a third season will come from the network itself.

There are rumors that the show has yet to be renewed for a third season, so it looks like we either don’t have any update or things might be benched eventually, which would be disappointing. The second season wrapped up in 2021 and since then, there has been no news about the show’s comeback yet.

Some of the fans are hinting at the possibility of a cancellation but we also have to keep into account that official news regarding the show’s cancellation has not been announced by Acord TV yet.

If the show were to return and the third season ends up materializing, there are heavy chances that the new season will come around either in 2025 or later. A near-release date, right at this point, doesn’t seem like a possibility.

What can we expect from Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Season 3?

Season 3 promises to be a heady cocktail of captivating cases, sizzling romance, and Peregrine’s signature blend of wit and audacity. Since we don’t know how the new season will progress, all we can do is guess and following are a few:

  • Peregrine’s enigmatic family history will take center stage. Brace yourselves for long-buried secrets, shocking revelations, and maybe even a face-off with a shadowy figure from her lineage.
  • Peregrine’s romantic entanglements are bound to get even more tangled. Will she succumb to the charms of the dashing but enigmatic James? Or will a new suitor enter the picture, throwing her heart into further disarray?
  • The groovy ’60s backdrop isn’t just window dressing. Expect cases steeped in the era’s social shifts, technological advancements, and counterculture movements. Imagine peregrine cracking a murder at a swinging London disco or infiltrating a hippie commune to expose a killer!

Who is returning on Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Season 3?

Given that the creators have kept the cast constant through the first two seasons is a testament that things won’t change in the third season too.

So, we can expect the main cast to return, including:

  • Geraldine Hakewill
  • Joel Jackson
  • Catherine McClements
  • Louisa Mignone

However, even regarding the cast, the show’s future are in the dark and we have yet to receive proper clarifications too, but this is all that we could find regarding the third season.


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