A Guide to Places Where You Can Buy Stamps

A Guide to Places Where You Can Buy Stamps

Want to send a letter by post? Or planning to send some gifts in a packed parcel through postal services? Well, in either case, you’ll need stamps for the process. And, that’s why it’s essential to know about from where to buy stamps near you in your area. In this article, we’ll discuss about some of the most visited places for buying postal stamps in the USA. Yeah, not only physical locations but we’ve also covered some online marketplaces from where you can buy stamps online.

So, let’s get started with the article now.

Where To Buy Stamps Near You? – An Ultimate Guide

There are plenty of choices available when it comes to buying postal stamps. Yeah, one can visit nearby USPS office and can buy stamps from there, or even one can place an order online for stamps through USPS official website. Moreover, marketplaces like amazon & wallmart also provides stamps as goods on their platform. Apart from that, you can visit nearby grocery shops, gas stations, medical shops, or stationary shops near by you and occasionally you’ll find stamps available there as well. Well, here’s the list of all the places from where you can buy stamps for your postal delivery purposes.

1. Amazon (Online Buying Option)

Amazon is renowned platform that offers variety of goods and items to be ordered online. Well, it includes stamps as well. Yeah, one may visit amazon.com and search for the stamps of their choice and can order it online. Moreover, on amazon many stamp sellers provide same day shipping option also, so if you’re in hurry and want to get things done on quickest then amazon is an ultimate good choice.

2. Best Buy & Wallmart (Online Option)

Yeah, same like amazon, these two online shopping platforms also sells stamps. However, at these two places one may not get many sellers who provides same day shipping for stamps and hence it’s considered as less reliable compared to amazon.

3. USPS Office Or Website (Offline & Online Both Options)

This is an official place from where you’ll get wide range of stamps for postal services. Also, USPS provides custom printed stamps occasionally and hence many people prefer this place as their go to place for buying stamps near them. Moreover, when you choose USPS to buy stamps you get two options, likely to be buying it by visiting nearby USPS office or buying it online through their official website.

4. Banks (Offline Option)

As postal stamps are considered as a necessity and people may need it at anytime, hence USPS has authorised many banks for selling stamps. Yeah, now banks are not a place to manage your finances only, in fact it sells things like stamps as well. However, when you choose banks as your go to place for buying stamps near you, you’ll not get wide range of variety of stamps there. Yeah, you’ll have to manage with generic stamps only. And, that’s the reason people prefer it less when they are buying stamps for sending letters to their dear ones.

5. Pharmacies (Offline Option)

Well, not all pharmacies sell stamps. Yeah, pharmacies are considered as a good place to buy stamps at anytime as many of them will be open 24X7. However, not all pharmacies sell stamps at their stalls yet there are many which sells stamps as a good of urgency. Also, many people said that compared to banks they found more variety of stamps to be available at pharmacies. Yeah, for your ease, we’re listing some of the pharmacies that sells stamps.

  • Rite Aids
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Fry’s
  • Duane Reade

Yeah, you’ll find stamps from these pharmacy stores most of the time.

6. Gas Stations

Another hot favorite place to buy stamps near you is gas station. In fact, people often found to wrap two purpose at once by buying stamps from gas station. Yeah, many people visit gas station to fuel their gas tank and end up buying stamps alongside. However, not all gas stations sells stamps and hence you’ll have to cross check it from their help desk before getting to any conclusion for buying stamps from a gas station.

7. Bookstores & Office Supply Shops

Another good place that provides facility of buying stamps is book stalls. Yeah, as stamps are considered as a stationary product as well, you’ll often find it available at your nearby stationary shops or office supply stores.

Our Bottomline

So, that’s all for buying stamps near you. We hope you liked our article and found a good and most feasible place for yourself to buy stamps for postal purposes. Well, all the places we mentioned in this article are good and feasible choice but if you ask about our opinion then we prefer to buy stamps online either from amazon or from USPS official website as both of these places provides a wide range of selection of stamps. Now, fix your favorite and feasible location for buying stamps and visit it and buy one for yourself.