Wolf Pack Season 2 – Everything We Know So Far

Wolf Pack Season 2

If you are a fan of Teen Wolf and love supernatural web series to watch, Wolf Pack is one of those underrated shows that you simply can’t brush to the side. Created by Jeff Davis, the creator of Teen Wolf, the show’s first season was a massive hit.

The series narrates about the lives of two teenagers whose lives are changed forever when a fierce wildfire accidentally unleashes a werewolf. The first season has been available for streaming on Paramount+ since January 2023. However, the fans are now curious to know about the show’s sequel.

This article will take a peek into Wolf Pack Season 2, the potential release date, and all you need to know about the plot.

When is Wolf Pack Season 2 Releasing?

Since the completion of the first season, we have not received any further updates regarding the renewal of Wolf Pack for a second season.

This has left the fans quite antsy, waiting for further reports about the renewal status and eventual release. We have to realize that the first season aired in January 2023, so it makes sense that we don’t have any official information about the second season yet.

So, if we were expecting news regarding the release date of Wolf Pack Season 2, it is most likely not happening before 2024. It could be longer than that as well. However, the earliest we can expect is 2024.

The show’s creator, Jeff Davis has showcased his interest in carrying forward the show, so we can pretty much be assured that a new season is happening sometime soon.

What can we expect from Wolf Pack Season 2?

The first season of Wolf Pack ended with several cliffhangers, so there is plenty of material for a second season to explore. 

We can expect to see the teenagers continue to learn about their werewolf powers and how to control them. We will also likely learn more about the mysterious fire that started everything and the arson investigator who is investigating it. 

In addition, we can expect to see new characters introduced in Wolf Pack Season 2. Creator Jeff Davis has said that he wants to expand the world of the show and introduce new werewolf factions. He has also said that he wants to explore the darker side of lycanthropy in the second season.

It would be interesting to see how the writers introduce further unexpected twists and turns in the new season.

Who is returning to Wolf Pack Season 2?

If Wolf Pack Season 2 happens, we can expect the following cast members to return: 

  • Armani Jackson as Everett Lang

Sarah Michelle Gellar

  • Bella Shepard as Harlan Bryant

Bella Shepard

  • Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna Briggs

Chloe Rose Robertson

  • Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs

Rodrigo Santoro

  • Tyler Lawrence Gray as Mason Taylor

Tyler Lawrence Gray

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey

Sarah Michelle Gellar


The supernatural genre of shows isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if it is yours and you have been looking forward to more news about the release of Wolf Pack Season 2, we have sorted you all with all the latest developments in this article.


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