Why Should You Buy Crypto from a Bitcoin Exchange in Turkey?

Why Should You Buy Crypto from a Bitcoin Exchange in Turkey?

If you are in Turkey and are interested in buying Bitcoin, there are several ways that you can buy BTC. You can use Bitcoin ATMs, peer-to-peer trading platforms, buy through brokers, or use a Bitcoin exchange in Turkey.

Before you decide on which method to use, you need to consider some important factors, including:

  • Speed of transactions – some methods are faster than others, for example using a Bitcoin ATM can be faster but it is usually costlier.
  • Transaction fees – different methods of trading bitcoins result in different fees, but dealing directly with the seller can save you money. As you choose an exchange to use, or decide to use a Bitcoin ATM, think about the fees you will have to pay.
  • Security – Ensure that the Bitcoin exchange in Turkey you are considering, or any other method, is secure to ensure your assets are safe, and there is no risk of identity theft.
  • Convenience – check how convenient the method if for you, for example, how accessible is it? Can you use it any time you wish?
  • Reputation – Consider what existing users say about the Bitcoin exchange in Turkey you want to use. You can check online feedback, reviews, and ratings.

What are the benefits of buying from a Bitcoin exchange in Turkey?

Below are some of the potential benefits of topping up your BTC using a Bitcoin exchange in Turkey:


The beauty of using a local Bitcoin exchange is that it can be more user-friendly, especially if you decide to use those that operate physical offices that you can visit and trade by dealing with its knowledgeable staff. Such a Bitcoin exchange in Turkey can be a smoother experience because the staff can explain things in language you understand, offer great customer support, and there is no need to navigate complicated processes with unfriendly and complex user interfaces. Thus, you enjoy easier transactions and can easily communicate with customer support. This can be true even for an online Bitcoin exchange so you can resolve any issue that may come up.

Regulation and compliance

It is important to ensure that the platform or exchange you decide to use has a good reputation and complies with the applicable requirements of the regulating authorities. A reputable Bitcoin exchange needs to be fully compliant with the authority’s requirements in order to get a license and official approval to operate in the country. When you use such an exchange, you can have peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable platform.

Friendly payment methods

Different crypto exchanges, especially those operating outside Turkey may offer different payment methods, some of which may not be convenient for Turkish residents. One of the best things about using a Bitcoin exchange in Turkey is that it is likely to support payment options that are more convenient and commonly used in the country. For example, exchanges that have physical premises may accept cash in US dollars or Turkish Lira, credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and other local payment options.

Lower fees

You may enjoy lower fees when using a local Bitcoin exchange as many charge more favorable fees to Turkish users. Thus, you can save some of the costs compared to using international exchanges.


If you have been wondering if it is worth using a Bitcoin exchange in Turkey, then the above discussion can help you make a better decision. A local exchange can offer you so many benefits including greater convenience, lower fees, friendlier payment options, and easy trading as they use a language you can understand.

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