Action Glow Update | Shark Tank Season 14

Action Glow Update | Shark Tank Season 14

Ever wondered how different things would be if your sporting equipment came with some LED lighting? Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. Seeing how unique the idea was, founders Dakota Porter and Garret Porter decided to take their company, Action Glow on Shark Tank.

The main USP of the brand? They sell LED lighting systems for different kinds of sporting equipment. Not only does it have an aesthetic appeal to the whole project, but it also introduces a functional appeal with easy accessibility.

If you have been wondering how Action Glow is doing after their Shark Tank success, we have got your back.

Shark Tank Action Glow Update

  • Entrepreneurs – Garret Porter and Dakota Porter
  • Business – LED lighting system integrated for sports equipment
  • Ask – $200,000 for 15%
  • Result – $200,000 for 30%
  • Sharks – Robert Herjavec

When you look up Action Glow and Shark Tank, you will realize that season 14 wasn’t their first rodeo. The duo had been trying to get into the show since Season 12 but couldn’t succeed initially. They auditioned, which were played during their Season 14 episode but they didn’t make the cut back then.

The founders were asking for $200,000 for 15% equity in the company and even shared that they have been in the business for over a decade now, which impressed the sharks quite a lot.

Sharing insights about the financials, Garret Porter and Dakota Porter said that their cheapest LED lighting system starts from $49 and can go as high as $100 for advanced lighting systems. When it comes to the manufacturing costs, they clarified that each piece costs between $15 to $30.

One of the most common worries that the Sharks had were regarding the knock-offs available in the market. To this, Garret and Dakota also confirmed that they have a utility patent for the product’s design. 

Although Kevin O’Leary liked the concept, he backed out citing that there he didn’t believe that even a utility patent will prevent knockoffs from floating in the market. Lori and Mark gave somewhat similar reasoning and backed out of making a deal.

However, despite everyone backing out, Robert Herjavec saw potential in the business and also the kind of progress they could make with more innovative products down the line. For this, Robert offered $200,000 for 30% equity. Since there weren’t any other deals on the table, they accepted the deal.

Following securing the deal successfully, it looks like Action Glow is doing quite well with their sales and the growth of their business. The website did receive an overwhelming number of sales following the Shark Tank episode and there are possibilities that the same will keep on sustaining for the brand in the future as well.

Currently, we don’t have any insights about Action Glow’s revenue and how much they have generated in such a short period. But, given that the company was in business for 10+ years before Shark Tank, we can assume they are doing well even after the show.