Why Did Maggie Steed Leave Pie in The Sky – The Full Scoop

Why Did Maggie Steed Leave Pie in The Sky – The Full Scoop

If you are a fan of Leave Pie in the Sky, chances are that Maggie Steed’s departure might have come off as a surprise for you. It’s understandable because many fans stayed around because of her charm, her personality, and her talented presence on the screen.

For those that are completely clueless, Maggie Steed is a renowned British actress who rose to fame with her role in “Leave Pie in the Sky,” a British sitcom. However, five years into being on the show, Maggie decided to leave the show.

This article will take a look into all the public information we have regarding Maggie Steed’s departure from Leave Pie in the Sky.

Maggie Steed’s Departure Came as a Shock

Leave Pie in the Sky is not necessarily a new show since Maggie Steed became part of the cast in the year 1994 and soon became a favorite among all the other cast members. Since she acted on the show for five years, it is safe to assume that she was on the show until 1999.

If you have yet to watch Leave Pie in the Sky, Maggie portrayed the role of Sergeant Mary Smith who managed to captivate the audience’s attention with her witty personality and her straightforward nature.

One of the most astounding things about Maggie’s character that resonated with the fans was how she stood for justice and didn’t take anyone’s word for it. Her dedication to bringing the right people justice on the show was something that managed to make the most out of her character.

However, as the fans got used to seeing her on screen, Maggie soon announced that she would be leaving the show, which shocked the fans and not in the best way. Although clear instructions weren’t stated as to why it happened, the most common input was that Maggie wanted to pursue new acting projects, which is why she ended up leaving the show.

Maggie addressed the fans saying how hard it was for her to make the decision but she knew deep down that it was time for her to explore new opportunities, which is exactly what she did.

How did Leave Pie in the Sky Fare Without Maggie?

Since Maggie’s essence on the show was immeasurable, it isn’t surprising that the fans were not happy about her sudden departure.

Following Maggie’s exit, the show ran for two more years, after which it wrapped up. Now, we can’t say for sure why the creators decided to wrap up the show but the reduced interest due to Maggie’s departure could be a potential reason behind the same.

Even after Maggie’s departure, the fans kept praising her for her character and even congratulated her on the other projects that she worked on.


Maggie Steed is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated British actresses of all time. With the kind of fame she has garnered in her career, it is safe to say that her departure from Leave Pie in the Sky left a gaping hope in the lives of her fans.


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