Who Is Andrew Wiggins’ Best Friend?

Who Is Andrew Wiggins’ Best Friend?

Andrew Wiggins is a famous Canadian professional basketball player, who has made the rounds on the internet recently. He plays for Golden State Warriors and has started gaining a lot of traction on different social media platforms for several reasons.

Not just his skills on the court to his fans’ growing interest in his personal life, Andrew Wiggins has made the rounds across different platforms like Instagram and Facebook too. Even the media has been fairly curious about Andrew and his personal life.

One of the most intriguing questions that people have is regarding Andrew’s relationship, especially who his best friends are. This article will delve deeper into that and get a look into the answers people have been wanting.

Who is Andrew Wiggins?

If you aren’t a basketball fanatic and have no idea about the Golden State Warriors, it is common for you to not know who Andrew Wiggins is.

He is famous for his unique tricks and shots and has stood out right from his high school period as a leading basketball player. During his college days, Andrew played for Kansas Jayhawks and gained a significant amount of popularity and name from there.

It was during his college days that Andrew was drafted into the NBA and played for Cleveland Cavaliers. Since then, he has been a consistent start in the NBA scene and has brought along a lot of fame and popularity to the team and taken them to the heights of winning as well.

What is the name of Andrew Wiggins’ Best Friend?

Before you get things twisted, when we mention “best friend”, we do mean his best friend, who is also a famous NBA player.

Despite the level of professional popularity and fame that Andrew has garnered in his basketball career, he is still a fairly private person that likes to keep his business to himself. When it comes to exploring some of his closest relationships, we come across his best friend, which happens to be Jordan Poole, another famous NBA player.

Poole is also in the Golden State Warriors team, the same as Wiggins. That’s also the primary basis of their bonding and friendship, which has escalated over time and has become an integral part of Poole’s life.

Being on the same team exposes them to opportunities that have brought the two closer than ever. Also, since they have worked through game pressure together and even won several championships together, it has done nothing but strengthen their bond as best friends.

Who is Jordan Poole?

If you are into NBA and know about Golden State Warriors, chances are that you know who Jordan Poole is. He plays in the same team as Andrew Wiggins. 

Poole is originally from Milwaukee and acquired his education from Rufus High School and graduated from La Lumiere School in La Porte, Indiana. Till now, Poole has been with the Golden State Warriors for four seasons now.

Poole and Wiggins struck a closely-knit friendship after being drafted into the same team. They have also spent a good few years stuck by each other’s side on the court, which has further strengthened their bonding.

Why is there a Sudden Focus on Andrew Wiggins’ Best Friend?

It isn’t even news that Andrew and Jordan have been close for quite a few years now. So, the sudden rehash of their relationship on the internet is fairly confusing to a lot of people. 

There were floating rumors recently that Andrew Wiggins’ wife is pregnant and his best friend is the father, leading to a big scandal on the internet. The main reason why the rumor was established was due to Wiggins’ missing during the recent play-offs of the Golden State Warriors.

The team’s representative confirmed that its due to personal reasons and didn’t delve into the matter any further. Since the audience didn’t get the clarification they expected, it led to a pool of rumors popping up here and there.

Andrew’s team later shared insights saying that his absence is due to a serious personal matter and it’s requested from the fans and media to respect his privacy during this period. There are no confirmation or comments on the floating rumors about Andrew’s long-time girlfriend, Mychal Johnson being pregnant and his best friend being the father.

None of the parties involved in the rumors have said anything about them and have not commented on the same yet.


Andrew Wiggins is a famous basketball player and while he primarily makes the top of the headlines due to his career, this time things have been somewhat different. The player has made the rounds on the internet due to people being inquisitive about his best friend and wanting to know whether the rumors of Wiggins’ girlfriend getting pregnant by his best friend are true or not. There is no confirmation surrounding the rumors yet.