What Does “BFFR” Mean on Tiktok? Tiktok Slang Explained!

What Does “BFFR” Mean on Tiktok? Tiktok Slang Explained!

We currently live in the Gen-Z-driven world where slang and abbreviations have become a norm in conversations. If someone tells you “BFFR” on Tiktok and you are sitting there all confused, don’t worry, we have all the answers for you.

Knowing about Tiktok slang is a great way to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and even be part of them in the future instead of feeling left out in the process. We know that BFF stands for Best Friends Forever, so what does BFFR mean?

We will further look into it, explore the meaning, and venture into all the information that you potentially have no idea about.

What is the Meaning of BFFR on Tiktok?

The advent of BFFR primarily originated on Tiktok and Snapchat where people used them in captions and during texting as well.

BFFR stands for “Be f–king for real.” This is a way of questioning if the other person is being real right now and in an accusatory manner. So, if someone says to you BFFR, it means they are questioning whether you are plain stupid or ignorant sharing the view that you do.

How can one use BFFR on Tiktok or in a Conversation?

It is fairly common to be confused about the meaning of BFFR even when you know what it means. The slang is generally used in the middle of a conversation, especially a heated conversation.

If someone you are talking to is being naïve or knowingly denying something that they know is wrong, that’s when you can say BFFR.

Besides using it in a “surprising connotation”, the use of BFFR is also common in the POV Tiktok trends that have recently gained a lot of traction on the internet. It is also being used as a popular and trending hashtag on Tiktok and has gained over 260 million views.

You can also use BFFR while texting someone and they are avoiding you and not replying to you. If the person you are talking to isn’t understanding the context of the discussion, you can charge them with BFFR and get them to get you some solid answers instead of avoiding the situation.

One of the most common examples is when two football players compare Cristiano and Ronaldo. If you are a fan of Cristiano but your friend is a Messi fan, you can tell them something along the lines of, “Cristiano is a far better footballer than Messi, BFFR!”

It is all about how you assess the situation and craft a reply that best aligns with the context of the conversation that you are currently having.

Is using BFFR Demeaning?

We clarified that the meaning of BFFR in TikTok slang is “Be f–king for real.” Now, when you have such words in a phrase, wondering whether or not it is demeaning is a common question.

However, we’d say that it’s not. When you use BFFR, you are merely confronting someone with a naïve point of view. It is not necessarily in a hostile manner and it is not demeaning in any sense, provided the context of the text.

That said, since the phrase uses the word “f-king” in it, there are people who might get offended. So, it is more about sifting through the recipients and being careful about who you send it to. 


BFFR is a highly used acronym that’s gaining traction not just on Tiktok but also on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. If you didn’t have a clue what the acronym meant, we hope this article clarifies all your doubts.

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