Where Does Emily Compagno Live? Details About Her Life 

Where Does Emily Compagno Live Details About Her Life 

Emily Compagno has experienced and witnessed everything, from sports events to the news channel, but she was destined for television, particularly Fox News.

American television personality Emily Compagno is a former attorney and a sports analyst. She has gained popularity for her contribution to television and social media which has made her a prominent public figure. Compagno received her degree in the field of politics from the University of Washington before beginning her professional career. 

Many of her followers are curious about her current residence, and this article will provide you with the details about it. Follow the article to learn more.

Who is Emily Compagno? 

The American lawyer and television personality, Emily Rose Compagno was born on November 9, 1979. She is a mixed-race American woman of German and Italian ancestry.

Emily majored in law at the University of Washington after completing her senior school. Later, she pursued further studies at the University of San Francisco in California and graduated with a J.D. degree in 2006.

Compagno comes from a family of soldiers. During World Wars I and II, her great-grandfather was a member of the US Army. Emily Compagno’s commercial ventures and involvement in the journalism and sports industries have contributed to her net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

Emily Compagno Career and Personal Life

Emily Compagno was very determined about her professional life. At first, she was focused on working as a criminal defense lawyer. Later, she decided to work in a cheerleading group with the Oakland Raiderettes, a well-known National Football League (NFL).

However, her career doesn’t end here. Two years later, she received a promotion and was moved to San Francisco. Furthermore, she worked as a law and sports business commentator on CNN’s Fox News Channel. She has made appearances on several television programs, including ‘Outnumbered,’ ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show,’ ‘The Five,’ and ‘Fox and Friends’.  

Emily Compagno and Peter Riley, a former real estate agent, got married on September 14, 2017, in Ravello, Italy.

Emily Compagno’s Present Address

Emily Compagno’s birthplace is in Oakland, California. Her early years were spent in the Bay Area, where she studied Political Science at UC Berkeley. Following her graduation, she pursued her Juris Doctor at the University Of San Francisco School Of Law.

Compagno presently resides in Los Angeles and has lived there for a long time. She is a famous individual in the town and frequently appears at different gatherings. She participates in several charities and is actively engaged with the Los Angeles community.

Compagno is a resident of Los Angeles. Although the family’s precise location is unknown, it is thought to be in a posh Beverly Hills area.


Emily Compagno is a widely recognized personality in both legal and entertainment fields. Compagno is known to travel regularly and therefore her specific address changes from one point to another. She is frequently spotted in several American and international places. She was captain of the Oakland Raiderettes and volunteered to work with several African non-profits.


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